Game of thrones S8E01(2/10)- Entrance of Daenerys Dragons in North

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Game of Thrones S8E01 Clips

Game of Thrones S8E01 (1/10) - Rewind & New Season Intro

Game of Thrones S8E01 (2/10) - Entrance of Daenerys with Dragons in North

Game of Thrones S8E01 (3/10) - Reunion of Starks

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To all my viewers and subscribers, may your dream come true 💕

Author — Skipper


Dany looks so proud when her dragons arrive, Emilia has done such a good job.

Author — Ayush Saraf


Sansa forgave and tolerated Jaime and Tyrion forgetting that it was the Lannisters who betrayed and killed her father, brother, and mother but Dany she goes “They killed my uncle and grandfather”....22 years ago

I hate Season 8

Author — princeofdatny


sansa was so bitchy to dany, for no reason at all.

Author — Leyla Rustamova


I love dany so damn much why did they ruin her like that😭😭😭😭

Author — Ali Msh


everyone : terrified of seeing a dragon
Arya : I am going to get a new mask

Author — Mikey


Goosbumps guaranteed when u see entry of dragons

Author — Prashant sheshma


I love how Sansa's wonder and awe from seeing the dragons for the first time immediately turns into disdain not even 0.5 seconds afterwards.

Author — Aerin


people who say sansa's attitude towards daenerys was justified need to realize that, no, for fuck's sake, it wasn't. if she was mean to daenerys because she didn't trust her, why did she trust jaime lannister, a man who was notable for betraying her family, simply because brienne was like "oh i love him please don't kill him"? daenerys didn't force jon to bend the knee in the end, and she saved his ass as well. if anything, a simple thank you for saving the king in the north would've been nice even at the start. in my opinion, dany didn't even want the north all that badly, she just grew to want it more because of a need to prove herself to those people that she was a worthy queen or at the very least, a worthy person for crying out loud. if they could crown a presumable bastard as king, rejecting the norm while also embracing goddamn lannisters and greyjoys, but reject a reputably good targaryen who saved their ass many times as a queen and a person, i'd be a little mad like dany was at the hypocrisy. and you'd think above anyone else, sansa would've been the person to understand her. but dnd wanted the north painted so highly as morality angels and dany as a mad tyrant, they forgot the north embraced traitors left and right in the end which doesn't make any fucking sense.

Author — pasteline


I wish dany shouldn't have saved jon from death ...then Sansa should have realized where she stands

Author — Yourself Love


Me too wanted to see dragon in real life😂😂

Author — Shini Gami


So sad that we never saw how arya and the dragons act together. I guess it would be a cool Moment:D

Author — ERC Casper


I honestly feel bad for kid umber/umbar. it's not his fault his father betrayed the starks, and the kid tried his best for the starks but dies to night king terribly.

Author — Hedgehog Hugs


Season 1-7: Killed the characters
Season 8:Killed the show

Author — Rejina Maharjan


Dany’s face says everything. Who needs trust when you have DRAGONS!

Author — 2014kaydee


A confidence in danys face after dragons entrance in north

Author — Pavan Chouhan


02:21 Arya's like "I so want one"

Author — Sam Sanchez


1:30 savage replied
Horse at the back laughs

Author — Hope l freya Mikaelson


If I seen three dragons flew over my village I would have buried myself alive lmao

Author — Gmantheman


2:11 that moment when everyone realised the beginning of the end

Author — santhosh p