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The Secrets Of Quantum Physics (Jim Al-Khalili) | Spark 4.5

Professor Jim Al-Khalili traces the story of arguably the most important, accurate and yet perplexing scientific theory ever: quantum physics.

The story of quantum physics starts at the beginning of the 20th century with scientists trying to better understand how light bulbs work. This simple question soon led scientists deep into the hidden workings of matter, into the sub-atomic building blocks of the world around us. Here they discovered phenomena unlike any encountered before - a realm where things can be in many places at once, where chance and probability call the shots and where reality appears to only truly exist when we observe it.

Albert Einstein hated the idea that nature, at its most fundamental level, is governed by chance. Jim reveals how in the 1930's, Einstein thought he'd found a fatal flaw in quantum physics. This was not taken seriously until it was tested in the 1960s. Professor Al-Khalili repeats this critical experiment, posing the question does reality really exist, or do we conjure it into existence by the act of observation?

Elsewhere, we explore how the most famous law of quantum physics – The Uncertainty Principle – is obeyed by plants and trees as they capture sunlight during the vital process of photosynthesis. Could quantum mechanics explain the greatest mystery in biology - evolution?

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Too bad when I don’t look at my bills it’s still there

Author — MaltLiquor45


Remember when you could watch a single video on YouTube without 15 commercials?

Pepperidge farms remembers.

Author — Tina Rashea


Q. Daddy ---- What did we use before candles ?
A. Daddy ---- Electricity.

Author — Jack Russell


"God does not play dice with the universe"

Author — ToAsTy AX


Tesla said when spirituality meets science we will go forward faster then all decades before us !

Author — Jackie Hammond


seems einstein believed in predestination while bohr in human responsibility kinda like the calvinist vs arminian debates

Author — Jay Czar



Author — Richie S' Aesthetics


This has all been proven a bad Theory . as of 2019 at least.

Author — UniBomber Bear


arent you all concerned with the real question here where the hell did he get pennies that spin like that magic

Author — Brian Espitia


Good documentary however, what’s up with the demon mask? 😂 just weird and totally out of place

Author — Galars


If Einstein had seen the evolution of computer games he would have accepted that we live in a simulation.

Author — V


Supper GREAT documentary. I .love this stuff. and plus the jazz in the soundtracc Took me away! That band killed it

Author — Wine Glass


I truly love that matter changes when we gaze upon it... Imagine a mothers love and how powerful those endless stares into each others eyes actually are and what is actually taking place in that moment.

Author — Mary-Ellen Peters


I find it quite interesting that the World of Quantum Mechanics has this eerie spiritual feeling to it...oh look! The devil is here!
How peculiar that "Dealer" who you cannot beat and is also in charge of the quantum "realm"(or is it spiritual realm) happens to be represented by the devil....

You took three tries at six games (666 ??) and lost all(trying to out smart the devil but still losing).

Just coincidences I suppose, or is science finally admitting that its dabbling in the spiritual world?

Author — Bizzaro


The world is getting so depressing politically

videos make me happy

Author — Jaunt


"Edison's new invention - the light bulb." Obviously someone never heard of Tesla, which for me is really disappointing in such documentary.

Author — Klaudia Skaczkowska


Remember that Rick and Morty episode where Jerry, Rick and Morty were stuck in a simulated reality?

Author — Ilustrado


Dr. Young who lived shortly after Newton, arrived at the double definition of Light, as both waves and particles. Newton like the particle theory because he hated the ideas of his rival who embraced the wave theory. This is a fascinating programme Dr. Al-Khalili, but the science/opinions need clearer dating. (And then there was Al Hazan around 1000 a.d.). And te analogy of waves of water with waves of light is not convincing since water is a dense physical element; light is not a dense physical material. But it does seem to have a physical contiuum; is the particle/quantum idea going back to Newtonian thought?

Author — Alison Armstrong


Now this is what We should be watching ways on how to expand are minds cnn and Fox News is destroying the intelligence in this country

Author — Brent tripp Thomas


absolutely awesome and put in such a simplistic way everyone can appreciate and enjoy. Thank you for sharing. x

Author — Dorvita