CBR 600 RR vs R6 vs C 63 AMG Coupe TOP SPEED [1080p - GoPro Hero]

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CBR 600 RR vs R6 vs C 63 AMG Coupe TOP SPEED [1080p - GoPro Hero] 4.5
Gefilmt mit 6 GoPro Kameras. Jeweils 3 an eim Motorrad.

Honda CBR 600 RR - 114PS (112HP)
Yamaha R6 - 120PS (118HP)
Mercedes C 63 AMG Coupé - 487PS (480HP)

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1-thanks for not talking throughout the ride
2-for not playing music.
3-for letting the sound of the wind and engine be heard.

Author — LWFG1


Its not about who wins, , ... Its about the ride.

Author — Brooke Turner


I love how germans can have legal street race. :D

Author — Milan Čihák


While the C63 driver can hold a coffe in his hand with chill music at 280 kmh, the bikers have to be top concentrated :D

Author — xcrossTV


i  love how people in Europe drive, so much better than the highways in the us

Author — MRsteezy123


they are hanging on for dear life, guy in the merc is probably sitting in there nice and comfortable listening to the radio

Author — concepts 2.0


I'm a bike lover... But I have to agree tht Mercedes was savage...

Author — Jawahar Srinivasan


Did the sign he paused the video on mean there was no speed limit? Just curious

Author — 101Unit101


Habt ihr keine Angst mit dem Speed auf der Autobahn? Ich fahre extrem ungern so schnell mit dem Bike auf der Autobahn weil ich einfach Angst vor Fehlern von anderen habe... plötzliches Ausscheren weil übersehen usw.
Nie sowas passiert?

Author — songoku243


That C63 played tf out of you the whole time..

You couldn't pass him til he slowed up?

Author — Keith


That AMG is walking away from those bikes.

Author — F Offenton


Da bin ich doch froh 1441ccm zu fahren, da kann der AMG einpacken ^^

Author — Max Power


netter versuch 0, 6 liter..gegen 6, 3 liter...fun to see...aber ihr  hattet nie eine chance gegen das hubraummonster...trotzdem die linke zum gruss...von biker zu biker

Author — alien nation


Der im Mercedes hatte es mit Sicherheit bequemer ^^

Author — Den W


Respekt an den Mercedes und Hut ab, dass ihr dennoch zivilisiert gefahren seid

Author — fuyoutu


водитель АМГ просто сбавил скорость чтобы мотоциклисты обошли его и успокоились, иначе могли убиться.

Author — Redis Redisovich


Deutschland Mercedes Amg Audi Rs Bmw M the best car all over the world from France

Author — Pumpkin Dance


4:38 The guy with the Merc got bored..

Author — Alex Stava


they are driving to Berlin, coming from east germany

Author — fox


thats called the "PERFECT CAMERA ANGEL " .. AWESOME .. 😂

Author — Millu Ninja