Tenerife - El Teide Vulcano 3718 m - From beach to peak

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Tenerife - El Teide Vulcano 3718 m - From beach to peak 4.5

A video about the summit of the volcano El Teide in Tenerife, the highest peak of Spain. My brother and I rented a car and drove up the mountains to the start of a 4 hour hike to the top. Great views and perfect weather! We did the hike in the beginning of February.

In order to reach the peak, a permit is required. It is free of charge but you need to apply for it in advance. It can be done from the following link:

There is also a place to spend a night in case you want to do the hike in two days in order to reach the peak before sunrise:

Filmed with iPhone 6 and edited in iMovie.

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OMG I feel so lucky to have lived here in Tenerife for the last 18 years. Moving here from the UK was the best move I ever made.

Author — maxpesh


Great movie. I was there. IT was fantastic. Liked and subbed.

Author — przychodzkipl - aviation & travel


I was there today. The scenery is stunning. I'm ashamed to admit that I went by coach and cable car, I take my hat off to you for doing it the right way, i.e. on foot! Great video.

Author — Stephen Hildick


Grande impegno e dedizione!!! Bravissimi....in cima è uno spettacolo😍👍

Author — Antonio De Luca


2 days before going to top! Really excited

Author — Juuso R


I’m going to Tenerife in 4 months.. Good video!

Author — Dog#018


4hrs going up is impressive. It took me 4:41 to go down.

Author — GoPro Flying


Thanks Markus for uploading your well edited and filmed video experience to Pico del Teide in Tenerife, Spain.
On it, as you ascend from the lower subtropical level at sea level up to the coniferous forest then finally reaching the no-vegetation line into barden territory is such breath taking.

I can now imagine what Alexander Von Humboldt felt when he first climbed it in the XVIII.

Author — Dr Ivan Martinez


Nice video! I'm going to Tenerife over new years and I'm wondering if there is a lot of snow on top of the Teide in the beginning on January? As I'm only travelling with hand luggage, I can't take appropriate equipment for snow but I'd really love to hike up there! Maybe anyone can help?

Author — GetFitAtHome


My sinuses were killing me when i climbed it years ago lol.

Author — kiyu -_-


Wow, very nice Teide! thanks for sharing, nice video❤️❤️

Author — Lyn's Nature Vlog & Everything


Good to know! Thanks bro! How many kilometers round hike?

Author — Oleg Androniuk


Mi primer viaje fuera de la península, Tenerife es precioso

Author — Judit


one of the coolest places I´ve been. Nice video

Author — 24jerde



Author — Jet2 Holidays


Antes se podía subir cuando querías y sin permisos pero la gente se llevaba rocas y se estaba deteriorando todo el entorno. Soy tinerfeña y me da rabia que pase esto. Aquí no cobraban por entrar en los parajes protegidos, gracias a personas irrespetuosas ya no es así. Tenerife acoge a todo tipo de culturas y somos muy amables, los turistas no.

Author — Ross Serrano


Just got back from holiday in Tenerife 👍🏻❤️❤️❤️

Author — Sarah R


Nice Video. We also did a Teide Tour. We've slept in the Altavista Refugio, started early in the morning the see the sunrise at the top of teide. Amazing!
Maybee you'll like our video too.

Author — Olli unterwegs


I went to the top and you can hardly breathe

Author — Wiam !


Hi, Excellent video. Would you be interested in a collaboration or affiliation? I would offer more details on email if you write me.

Author — TenerifebyHost