Burley Coho XC Bicycle Cargo Trailer Test Run/ Grocery Run

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

Taking out the new Burley Coho XC Bicycle Cargo Trailer on a grocery run/ test run.
I've now had the new cargo trailer for awhile, a full review will be coming soon. Mostly I've used it for delivering my custom built canoe and kayak paddles out to the FedEx depot for shipping to customers. Today, I too it out for a decent grocery run and got it loaded with a decent bit of weight.
I'm loving this thing more and more all the time!
I also recently got the Burley Flatbed Trailer as well, so watch for videos on it later this month as well.

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Thinking of getting one of these trailers?

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I want to buy a Coho XC for camping this July but they no longer ship the standard QR Skewer, and none are available until late summer. Would anyone sell me their standard QR Skewer if you aren't using it?

Author — Scott Willis Piano