A Captured Ukrainian Soldier Walks Around the Streets of Donetsk

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A Captured Ukrainian Soldier Walks Around the Streets of Donetsk 3
Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

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So a captured Ukrainian soldier walks around in Donetsk in Ukraine? lol..

Author — Zyx


Fuerza sigan peleando por lo que sienten !!!

Author — Фернандо Lopez


Got any more of those nice propaganda movies?

Author — Stuka Dive


Enoving pity and feeling pity is really big difference. You can clearly see, that his teeth are out.. Russians like to do this. I hope, that it will somethimes comes back to you.

Author — Lucien Lachance


They think they walk freely, so why are two armed guard? They sound like a Russian cheap radio of propaganda.

Author — Marko M


nice propaganda, why his guards hide their faces? was director of this clip Joseph?those who know just a bit of history know how propaganda works :-)

Author — DANNY K


The Ukrops who inhabit this channel are hateful and stupid. What has their revolution of dignity gotten them? A country now owned by the U.S. Run by fascists, grifters, and cowards, that any sane person wants to flee from, because there's nothing left for them anymore.

Author — Mandobird1


This is very touching. That young man is basically innocent, he was forced into the Ukrainian army and into the war. He is visibly very touched and affected by all that was shown to him. One can only wish the best for him, and I am not sure that exchanging him and thus sending him back to the Ukraine would be the best for him, either. Best that he remains in the Donbass until the conflict is over, then he can return to his village and his family with no danger to himself.

С Рождеством Христовым.

Author — Vierotchka


The dpr is a fake republic that is shrinking.

Author — John Bodnar


The city looks ghostly empty, and the fact that Ukrainian symbolism is still up proves that the conflict is artificial.

Author — Jordan A


Welcome to another Russian Propaganda.

Author — Onurcan Bilge Türk


Long live Novorossya. But why Dnr and Lnr have border? WTF?

Author — Comrade Soviet


Ordinary men pitted against each other by global elites, central banking families and international chess players: and its always been the same elites over and over again from the Napoleonic wars, the Russian revolution, WW1, Northern Ireland, Yugoslavia, the Middle East - and now Ukraine.

Author — Yul Hubbart


*The Ukraine is another fine example of US-meddling in wanting to control the world. Ukrainians killing Ukrainians because Donesk wouldn't accept a voted-for leader being replaced by an coup*

Author — Samuel Iam


It is a violation of the Geneva Conventions of the treatment of POW's 1949

Author — Yakav8r55m


The Russian military in Donetsk treat the ukraine POW very well and kindly

Author — philiphai qing


Those little green men definitely aren't Russia at all

Author — mister sands


People from Donetsk are not separatist or terrorists. They are rebels! The Ukrainian people, who rebelled against the coup.
A coup is an unconstitutional act and on this basis they have every right to rebel.
All of you "demo*rats" start after the coup and you call them separatists against regular government, but you all ignore the unconstitutional act of the new "government", which therefore cannot be a government.

Author — Jerrome Drake Jr