Hiro Kawahara and Peter Frohmader official trailer (Cuneiform Records)

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This music and video was made in 1998 and is a previously unreleased work with Peter Frohmader who suddenly passed away May, 2022.

This is an introductory video that summarizes the production scenery at that time at 3 min 46 sec, although it is an asynchronous image.

Longer audio sample is available at:

Excerpts from 'HIRO KAWAHARA and PETER FROHMADER' (1998) (5:18)

For this remastered official release and more detail, please visit the following site;

Also, we recommend 'Complete Works' that bundles all the works of Hiro Kawahara and Heretic with 2 additional bonus tracks;


Hiro Kawahara and Peter Frohmader (1998: Remaster 2022)

- Dedicated to the late Peter Frohmader.

1. In The Mist Of Time (2022 3D Remix) (16:33)
2. Sphinx Touch (13:11)
3. Virtual Nature (6:58)
4. The Earth (15:34)
5. 9-13 (6:13)

(Total time 58:31)


Peter Frohmader (bass, synthesizer)
Hiro Kawahara (guitar, synthesizer, sound effect and 3D processing)

(1) composed and remixed by Hiro Kawahara
(2),(3),(4) and (5) composed by Peter Frohmader 1998
(2),(3),(4) and (5) overdubbed by Hiro Kawahara, 1998 in Kyoto.

Copyright Hiro Kawahara 2023

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So this is HK playing over the stems of a PF composition? Was this a pre-arranged collaboration or a later re-purposing of old tracks?

Author — @philippebyrnes1213