John Oliver Worked the Phones at a Place that Sold Stolen Goods

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John Oliver Worked the Phones at a Place that Sold Stolen Goods 5

John Oliver chats with Jimmy about his toddler son throwing up all over his homeland of England and what it was like answering phones for a guy who sold stolen kitchen equipment.

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John Oliver Worked the Phones at a Place that Sold Stolen Goods

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"There is a reason strippers don't dress back on stage" - best quote by John Oliver.

Author — Ophelia White


60% sad. That's the dominant percentage of sad.

Author — King In The North


At least Jim gave the original phone answering woman maternity leave

Author — Amy


I am here exclusively for John Oliver, Fallon seems like an absolute sweetie pie, so it pains me to say I don't find him funny.

Author — Lauren K


John is one of those people who is not aesthetically pleasant but makes it up with comedy, intelligence and a voice like a glass of chocolate milk. Feel free to quote me on this John.

Author — Hazome PVPiss


This interview was honestly hilarious lol

Author — Team Shmo


Britain should be extremely proud for John Oliver. I still watch his Net Neutrality videos whenever I lose faith in journalism.

Author — Virality Factor


John Oliver is a legend. What a legend!

Author — Astronautical


There it is - Jimmy's real laugh. John got it out. All hail our rat faced overlord!

Author — My name is Irrelevant


Webster's definition:

quick witted = John Oliver


Author — mrigendra kumar prajapati


"It's a boy, Mr. Oliver... Yes.. yes congratulations.. but.. ok.. look. Please sit down. There's no easy way to say this.. he's... Well He's American. I know.. I know it's a blow.. it is. But it isn't the handicap it used to be. He might grow up to be.. A successful furniture salesman.. maybe a branch manager for a mid level travel agency.. A schizophrenic YouTuber, maybe... There is hope."

Author — New Message


“There is a reason that strippers don’t re-dress themselves on stage, cause is sad Jimmy” 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 hahahahhaha God I love him!

Author — Alexandra Martinez


John Oliver on any show will cause it to be trending. That's the power of Our Lady of Perpetual Exemptions. Praise be the rat faced bastard!

Author — Fifty 1 Fifty


Last Week Tonight needs to be an hour long! 30 minutes is not enough!

Author — Fifty 1 Fifty

Author what I'm taking from this is that even the fences in Europe offer maternity leave.

Author — IoEstasCedonta


During this show you could clearly see John calling Jimmy out on the fake compliments and quickly forcing him to bring out his real laughter. Gotta love guests this witty! 😂

Author — Loddentidster


John Oliver is one of the best out there!

Author — Kat Kendall


In case anyone wonders about his 1st Cav Pin(US Army Pin)

While dodging security at the 2008 RNC, Oliver met his future wife. She was part of a non-partisan combat veteran's group and he was a cub reporter for the Daily Show. Kate and her people helped John and his people hide from the RNC heavies.

Later, at the 2008 DNC, Norley and her Vets for Freedom ran into Oliver and crew again and soon after the two began dating. In time, Oliver's diligence earned him both a green card and a wife.


His wife, Kate Norley, was a combat medic with 1st Cav.

Author — andrew jones


There should be someone who walks on the stage every time Jimmy Fallon has his fake-laugh attacks and then slaps him in the face to reset that malfunction.

Author — Dellingr


"You need to be funnier around here before you go and be funny somewhere else."

That's some solid reasoning that will probably change my life, "You need to be more X around here before you go and be X somewhere else."

Author — Mike Wilhelm