Boccia Practice Game!

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

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well this is my first view of indoor Boccia and I wondered what the balls were like . I play outdoor on the rink lawn bowls and these guys were just magic. The guy in the wheel chair was at a disadvantage as he could not go look at the head like the other guy could.Possibly there is a camera above ? Anyway congrats and I'm hooked and would love to volunteer anytime to help out .

Author — Len Phillips


I think that with a better coverage on the past Paralympic games in Japan have made for better promotion of this sport. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this one online here in Australia. Such an interesting game to watch.

Author — Sarah Meldrum


레드분이 젝볼 맞추는거 함더 도전했으면 하는 아쉬움이. ㅎㅎ 뒤에 레드볼이 있고 해서 밀려 놔도 안정빵으로 생각이 되어서요.

Author — KIM


What's the end result -- two for blue? I'm a boules (petanque) player. Very impressed by the play here.

Author — Tom


مرحبًا ، إنهم غير قادرين على القيام بذلك

Author — goku dios