Top 10 Scary Viking Stories

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Top 10 Scary Viking Stories 5
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Top 10 Scary Viking Stories

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Vikings. Vikings, vikings, vikings. Interesting fact - they never actually had pointed helmets. Yeah. Theres no evidence of that. So, what are they really known for? Well, the Vikings are often rememberd as sailors, invaders, warriors and traders - stories of them struck fear into the hearts of those who opposed them - some say they were a scary bunch - now lets imagine what kind of stories it would take to scare them. Some Vikings werent scared of war, of raging seas, of not knowing if theyll ever make it home again - some werent even scared of the afterlife itself - but these stories, these storiews did the trick. Here are 10 of the very best. Lets see how you handle them. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Viking Stories.

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Author — MostAmazingTop10


How many Vikings does it take to change a lightbulb?




Hello person scrolling down the comments i hope you have a nice day 😃

Author — Pleby Potato


His voice is really relaxing. Is it just me?

Author — EdgheGile


No, seidr is not the equivalent of black magic. Nor were the people who practiced it seen as inherently evil. It was seen as dangerous and having the potential for harm, but the concept of evil doesn't apply to it.

Author — Ida Mörk


The one who is reading this,
You are phenomenal my friend.
Work hard and try again
Great day!



I'm a simple man..
I see ugly women without eyes, I click.

Author — Mac And Tech


Lol. I actually named my new baby fish The Kraken. Heheh.

Author — Krystal Esparza


When danny said draugr i instantly thought skyrim

I need a life

Author — Patriots Nation 4 Life Tom Brady is GOAT


I love your videos❤

Btw I have an MostAmazingTop10 hoodie

Author — MrToxicSwede


Fun fact fact: A "draug"(draugr being the plural form) is the ghost of somebody who, in most cases, died at sea and didn't receive a christian burial.
The keyword here is "christian", because christianity didn't really manifest itself in the nordics until just after year 1000.
The viking era had mostly ended at this point.
Regardless, a "draug", is a ghost, not a physical walking dead/zombie.
What our man here is talking about, is an "aptrgangr", which just means ghost. It's worth noting that these ghosts were not physical walking corpses, as we're used to from pop-culture, but actual "walking through walls"-type of haunting spirits, often capable of cursing people in various ways.

And just to knit-pick, a viking is not a person. A viking is an act, and is synonymous with a raid.
You can be a vikinger, in the same sense that you can be a raider, but you can't be the raid itself.
Now think of the term "viking-raider".
Thank you.

Author — StianH32


Fus ro dah!!!

Nevermind, getting more of a God of war vibe now! Soooo....

Author — Alpha Deathclaw


RELEASE THE KRAKEN! sorry couldn't resist lol ^_^

Author — TheCrazyNekoGirl2123


So that's where Fenrir Greyback from Harry Potter came from

Author — brianna7921


One of my favorite channels to watch day and night

Author — Snow Bell


"Odin gave his eye for knowledge but I would give much more" Ragnar Lothbrok. I love your videos, keep doing an amazing job. Even though I know you will.

Author — Venassa Vanity


Would you guys please be willing to do a Northern Irish urban legends video?

Author — Alex


Love the hat Danny. Can you do top 10 urban legends of Hamilton Ontario Canada its my hometown thanks.

Author — Julia McQueen


Now you HAVE to do Danish urban legends!

Author — Oskar Louis Bøggild


I love the Vikings! I'm actually trying to write a fictional book about them! Your Top10 Viking Urban Legends actually gave me inspiration! Thank you for posting another Vikings video! I love all your videos!

Author — Delaney Zandin