Movie Scenes Actors Couldn't Get Through Without Laughing

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Movie Scenes Actors Couldn't Get Through Without Laughing 4

Movie sets must be the perfect workplaces for screw-ups and joking around. As gag reels have shown us, it doesn't matter what kind of movie the actors are working on. Whether it's a low-rent comedy or an Oscar-winning epic, sometimes the actors just can't keep a straight face when they're supposed to be taking things much more seriously…

Chop, chop | 0:15
A crowded elevator | 0:47
Burning sensation | 1:22
There will be bloopers | 1:54
Pug power play | 2:16
Hand in glove | 2:56
Acting suspect | 3:33

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What other movie scenes do you think should've made the list?

Автор — Looper


That was a real dog? Aww.


Автор — Decoy


Why do I click on looper videos? They always disappoint.

Автор — Jd B


Now I can't stop thinking about Portman's burning beaver. So.. same as yesterday.

Автор — New Message


Or we could just watch any gag reel. This video doesn't give us anything that a gag reel wouldn't do better, because there's no dry commentary. This feels a bit barrel-scrapey.

Автор — James Webeck


It wasn't a real Pug it was an alien Pug.

Автор — Mr2at


never never never shake a baby. pug

Автор — O Alem


Wow, the guy sitting next to the pug looks just like the butler from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Автор — ma je


what about that one scene in blazing saddles where Jim is talking to Bart and says "You know, morons" and cleavon little losses it

Автор — William Blevins


You totally forgot the scene from ace Ventura pet detective where ace dresses up as a ballet dancer at the insane asylum!!! Everyone in the background (especially the doctor) can't keep a straight face

Автор — Erik Mathiesen


hahahahaa => it' s been burning in my beaver :-)
who thinks of that stuff ;-)

Автор — karel degreef


So am I the only who couldn't stop laughing at the dude struggling with his arm?

Автор — black flowerchild_


3:22 standing to his right, our left.

Автор — T-Bag


1:55 Of course Daniel Day-Lewis may have won the most Best Actor Oscars in history,  Katharine Hepburn did win 4 Best Actress Oscars.

Автор — AH Glasher


1:04 Joaquin laughed...he just suppressed it once the STANK hit him.

Автор — 1 Bad Jesus


DDL most Oscars in a leading role in history?

Katharine Hepburn has 4 and four others have 3

Автор — Ed F booboo


lost Philip Seymoor Hoffman a couple years ago. Great actor with not alot of recognition.

Автор — Rest ing


I cant believe they were actually allowed to shake the living dog. Wouldnt that be considered animal abuse?

Автор — Raina Mermaid


I kinda expected the scene from The Usual Suspects. XD

Автор — Greninja Storm


On the plus side, that pug is now a very famous actor.

Автор — NiftyTheLynx