My Quest for the Worst Secret Menu Item

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In this video follow my quest to find the worst secret menu item that may or may not exist. The dark council will never stop our journey!

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Great video Ted! I just wish your quest to find the worst secret menu item didn't have to include busting both of my kneecaps open with a baseball bat.

Author — jschlattLIVE


as someone with major social anxiety, watching this video was like watching a video of somebody balancing on a crane.

Author — Saint


Any secret menu item where they ask "are you sure" and not "what are you talking about" has to be legendary.

Author — Emtu


I worked at Arby's and can confirm that we are legally obligated to ask "are you sure?" after someone orders the meat mountain.

Author — Wolfcreator9


For those who aren't Los Angeles locals and confused by "exhausted; driven around all day": every west coast fast-food restaurant is in a 5-mile radius of each other, but it takes several hours of waiting in traffic to reach them all.

Author — Josh Celnik


the fact that the only place that wouldn't let you do a "secret menu" customization was the restaurant whose slogan is "have it your way" 💀

Author — Jay D.


They definitely keep asking you to pull around because you staying at the menu board for too long can be used against them. They need to pass folks through the line at a specific pace or their corporate overlords will reprimand them.

Author — itisyerdad


I can FEEL the pain of all minimum wage fast food workers

Author — Emalie Purser


As a fast food worker the dark council is just regular workers who hate it when you ask for weird ass named shit from a menu that we know nothing about and act as if we are expected to know it even though it's not on the official menu.

Author — The Man Behind The Slaughter


the idea of an employee saying “are you sure?” when you order something is very funny to me

Author — Have Some Asparagus Please


I worked at Starbucks and we never had a problem with secret menu items, but PLEASE have the recipe. I got so tired of people who would ask but had no idea was in it. If they were in the drive through, I would tell them to pull forward and either park and figure it out, or come inside 😅

Author — Damara Ankrum


The guy at Burger King was playing dumb, they had that ham and cheese in there I know it

Author — Melt


The second hand embarrassment of watching you order secret menu items.

Author — 5 ft 4 Protagonist


Fun Fact: The meat mountain has been known to literally be responsible for heart attacks. If anything, that cashier was looking out for you.

Author — Ace Ajack


my quest for ted to finally admit his last name *is* actually nivision

Author — Berd


Bro Ted your friend needs to be in more videos. This guy hits his lines every time. The humor is immaculate between you two. Thanks for this one big Chief

Author — Kyle Brown


As someone who has worked in fast food the idea of a secret menu has always been funny because people online get it into their heads like its a real offical thing and then they go to the fast food place and are confronted with the reality that no one who works there has any idea what they are talking about. Secret menu items are actually either a customisation someone figures out or often something invented by staff members when they steal food on their break

Author — synthiandrakon


As a manager at Burger King. The ham and cheese is definitely a thing lol. It’s just a really old item that used to be on the menu and it got removed. But we can still put it in our registers and we have all the stuff we need to make it. My location makes them whenever anyone asks for them. Which is like maybe once a month at most

Author — BadOreo


The arbys employee asking “are you sure” after ordering something is one of the most threatening things I think a person could experience

Author — Beeko


Worked at a Five Guys for 2 years. Can confirm that the only secret menu item that is actually secret (or even a hack at all) would be the patty melt. Also, I'm almost certain that if you found someone willing to make you a double grilled cheese burger, the grease alone would probably kill you.

Author — Nic Mastoridis