Opinion | 'It is a war here now.' Inside Hong Kong's fight for freedom.

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Opinion | 'It is a war here now.' Inside Hong Kong's fight for freedom. 4
What began as a series of peaceful protests against a proposed law to allow the Hong Kong government to extradite residents to mainland China has become a de facto war about the future of democracy. After nearly six months of resistance, who are the Hong Kongers keeping this seemingly impossible fight alive? Producer Parjanya Christian Holtz follows a teacher, a student and a tech worker who have sacrificed thousands of hours — and dollars — for the movement.

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For the Freedom Fighters of Hong Kong; May the Force Be With You. Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights Now!

Author — jerry d


Hello NY subway riot, "a beautiful sight to behold".

Author — Hafnium Half-life


The riot seemed organized better than my school sports stay safe HK people!!

Author — Tanti Sofyan


Hong Kong is just the beginning ~ the whole world is on the edge.

Author — yve b


Those little kids and the rest of us are witnessing history first hand

Author — Communism


They are so organized it is amazing... Especially because there is so many ppl

Author — beth windows


Let the people fighting for communism in the us see this

Author — ten trillion subs with no videos


"gayau" is probably not his real name. it's a saying in cantonese meaning "keep fighting" or "push harder".

Author — ckn.beatz


13:30 “If we burn, you burn with us!”

Author — cstrutherskgs


I still remember Washington Post's reporting about the crackdown of Occupy Wall Street... actually there was no reporting

Author — coolcat15


praying to the quick resolution to achieve lasting peace

Author — Jun Bonganay


This protest shows 2 things:
- how war separated a country
- how scary is China

Author — rLC.再び


WOW they understand and are organized, danger

Author — Jie Ling


Please remain strong and keep fighting for freedom!

Author — mugambismonkey


If u even sprayed a tiny bit of graffiti paint in Sg u would be caned

Author — Fizzi Lizzy


What? thats a war by riot standards? ever heard of Chile now??

Author — Gringuish


that is what happens when there is no law anymore? So chaotic.

Author — ottlite ottlite



is that literally a Pepe on the wall?

Author — Rechiro


What about NY?
Maybe NY is to big for "Washington" Post
As the beacon of democracy world, every thing in the city is just fine.

Author — SL NM


0:13 look at all the lasers being shot at that helo!!!

Author — Slappy Fistwad