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Campervan Challenge | Top Gear | BBC 5


Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official Top Gear clips. Whether you're searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

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I died when it showed hammond trying to sleep😂😂

Автор — Lennon Grisdale


This reminded me of a Minecraft Let's Play

Автор — GamingTaylor


7:16 It just me or is Jeremy Clarkson dressed up like Naruto... lol

Автор — MrShawno1231


James' car was the most practical, but boring.
Hammond's, while very creative, was tedious.
Jeremy's was the most extravagant and completely impractical. Its crazy how much their vehicle reflect their personalities

Автор — CycloneMetal


It's funny how much Top Gear USA copied it
Tanner- Porsche 944 with a rocket on top
Adam - buick with flatiron building on top
Rutlege- Civic with a everything packed and required setup

Автор — UltraTech66


I know they take it to extremes for comic effect, but there's a good concept behind Hammonds motor home. Part of what makes tent camping such a miserable experience us being inside a shelter which isn't properly rigid, on a smaller scale with professionally made fixtures it could work quite nicely as a rigid shelter that isn't so susceptible to wind and rain.

May has a good concept too, it just needed to be that bit slightly bigger to move around in comfortably.

Автор — ChaosSandwhich


this has always bugged me, at 0:36 Jeremy gets overtaken by a patte mores lorry, a black citroen c4, and red hyundai i10 and behind that is a blue toyota rav 4, but in the next shot at 0:38 the c4 has disappeared completely, i can figure out where it went

Автор — mike Jones


Did anyone of you see the cameramen behind the car at 5:08

Автор — Jack Wilsher


welcome to just cause 3 and minecraft.

Автор — Edwin Rances


Sounds like the story of 3 little pigs and the one big bad wolf lol

Автор — Franz Nacaytuna


Will europe continue to be around in 10 years ?

Автор — Sandy


"No single sex groups or single persons under 21"

.. what

Автор — Xeraser


0:18 She really is cute though!!! I'm feeling lonely, so i'm gonna put a tower on my car as well!!!

Автор — Firemarioflower


Guys, I have found a link and this is what happened to the poor Citroen.
Offside Rear Seat belt anchorage prescribed area is excessively corroded (5.2.6)
Nearside Rear passenger seat cannot be secured in the upright position. (6.2.3)
Front Exhaust has a major leak of exhaust gases (7.1.2)
Parking brake: efficiency below requirements (3.7.B.7) Dangerous 
This is from a MOT on the 23/03/2010

Автор — RandomYT


Hammond's could've been the best if he just bult a shed on the back.

Автор — BrushFD


Tbh I think Jeremy's was actually the best for once

Автор — Ben Tarnowski


best episode of topgear I've ever seen

Автор — Dead--living


"He might eat one free range egg" XD

Автор — Theodor Zdravevski


Where's the rest of it with jeremy's one going off a cliff?

Автор — Gerard Kean


Why it is so slow? Are you a... SNAIL?? A HAHAHA

Автор — Ramsour