Anderson v Skelton FINAL 2019 Bowls World Championship

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

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Absolutely incredible! 23 minutes in and still don't know Wtf is good or bad.

Author — Ace Tech


the combined age of the audience is the age of the universe

Author — Robert Jones


Very kind of the promoters to bring this event directly inside of the hospice center. Amazing work for humanity!

Author — Justin Allen


I knew Scott Anderson was good. But I didn’t think he was this good.

His technique is flawless. Concentration is impeccable.

A true athlete and ambassador for the game.

What’s this game called again?

Author — The Grassy Knoll Troll


I was dying when he said it was going to take a while for the crowd to die down. 😂😂

Author — A dog and a subaru


Truly amazing to see world class athletes compete in the prime of their careers.

Author — Joe Scott


I understand that you weren't planning on watching this video, but it chose you, it chose all of us. Just sit back and let this experience happen. Never tell another living soul about what you've seen here, this is our shared experience and no one else's.


Author — Beau Clark


I like how the things fall over when they’re done rolling. This sport is a riot

Author — Daniel Carmi


I can really see 53 year old me being really into this out of absolutely nowhere.

Author — alZiiHardstylez


Judging the audience, I dont think this sport will last 20 years.
Also, how tf did I end up here? Cant believe I watched it all haha

Author — Juan Fluck


I absolutely love it when sporting professionals demonstrate respect for each other. I miss a world that values that.

Author — Peter


I told myself I wasn't going to watch this all the way, here I am cheering for anderson at the end

Author — Marcel E.C. Augustin


Ive made it 42 years without knowing of this sport. Looks like a beer and a cigar kinda game

Author — ej732


Just imagine the chaos that ensued when that horde of adrenaline-filled senior citizens descended on the parking lot to leave this event. It must have been wondrous to witness.

Author — Joe


Interesting game. Intense skills. Don’t know a dang thing about what’s going on👍👍👍

Author — Dan Wyatt


Опасная игра, спортсмен в зелёном постоянно за сердце хватается🫀🫀🫀

Author — Адская Машина Доверия


Esse esporte tinah tudo pra ser entediante mas a verdade é que é EMOCIONANTE

Author — Bueiro Aberto no Universo 25


Incredible much intensity
So much
Well done 👏 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ boys 👦 👏 💪

Author — aleksandar boskovski


I remember reading about his victory in Obscure Sports Quarterly. Thanks to ESPN 8 (The Ocho) for bringing it to us in live action. Back to you, Cotton!

Author — scursion07


The amount of beer I’d drink playing this game would be insane.

Author — Slip Knot