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Fully automatic shifting and start mode is available with Nexus Inter-5E dynamic internal gear hub, designed specifically for the unique demands of e-bike riding. Automatic shifting provides a smooth and stress-free riding experience by ensuring you are always in the right gear.

With automatic shifting your bike will change gear when you need it to; going up hills or down them, speeding up on the open road or slowing down in traffic. Start mode automatically down-shifts when you come to a stop so you are ready to pedal away with ease and control. With gear shifting done for you city cycling is even more fun and easy!

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Lol I work in a factory that makes these, I can clearly see the part I'm machining. Nice to see it being introduced to the market.

Author — Radimkiller


I know this takes away a huge aspect of cycling, riding a bicycle with auto gear shifting will probably feel really weird... but you have to admit, that this is a pretty cool gem in terms of engineering and technology!

Author — TrkG


This is amazing. It would be beyond perfect if it had a belt drive option, no chain maintenance and much cleaner.

Author — Jeffrey Reicher


SRAM: Shifting with no cables
Shimano: Shifting with no shifter

Author — Louie Friesen


For people riding e-bikes this is some real clean engineering by Shimano, always love a new tech from Shimano

Author — Soul Boken


Nice job Shimano, been really enjoying my ebike with your parts. Keep making them even better

Author — Jorma Kovanen


Extraordinary graphics and design, a top notch presentation! I really wish Shimano had the belt-driven option too as they require no lubrication and do not attract dirt and dust like chains do. It's so great they care about quality and great designs for a Green Generation!

Author — mwj5368


we are once again reaching levels where bicycles become so advanced that companies realise they are almost making motorcycles again

Author — Jerp_


I would only get something like this with a Gates Carbon Belt Drive. I have a Specialized Globe Live 3 with an 8-speed Shimano Alfine IGH and a Gates Carbon Belt Drive and it works well, I love it!

Author — Coastaku


The automatic-shifting just seems like an addon (replacment for the cable actuator) that would fit all shimano inter hubs.
But a 5-speed hub could be interesting if it is as efficient as the good old P5 aka. Pentasport from Sachs/Sram

Author — Steffen Stengård Villadsen


It looks good, and if you don’t stray much from the big smoke it is probably great, but I would be worried if i was out in the stix and the thing failed internally though, while many of the keyboard mechanics will probably say i could fix it , if you did not have parts, did not have the tools required, and maybe even the required lubricant to put it back together with if it needed tearing down, I’m thinking it could be a major hassle .
It is still hard to beat old and simple like the standard derailer.
Does anyone know what the maximum torque the hub is rated at, and what sort of warranty is supplied on it ?

Author — mikldude


Shimano doing what it does best. Pretty nice man i like how the angle of terrain commands gear change too. This will be popular among older cyclists pretty fast :)

Author — insanebmxthomas


Been riding with Nexus7, Nexus8 and a Rohloff...i love the shifting... smooth and responsive.

Author — Erson Velasco


At first automatic shifting seems like it could be stree-free, like a car, but shifting on a bike isn’t about stress and rather about adapting to the cadence and power output the cyclist wants at a given time so for me this would need a lot of explanation on methodology and adjustments.

Author — Rick Stokes


Uma coisa que eu queria ver a bastante tempo... Resta aguardar uma versão de MTB, do jeito que está, 9 marchas já é um bom começo.

Author — Gabriel Gomes dos Santos


I have this on a recumbent trike along with the e6100 Steps motor and it is ok for urban stop and go riding, but not so great on the road. Hard to keep a constant cadence when there is 28% gear steps. Also, shifting is not so refined. 1st to 2nd is usually smooth, but the other 3 don't always seem to engage fully and you hear and feel a very loud "snap" occur seconds after shifting.

It does have total manual mode or you can always initiate an up or down shift similar to what you can do in your car using the paddles. When doing this in auto mode, it does try to learn your style of riding and does adjust the auto shift points. One thing that bugs me though is how slow it is to complete the shift after pushing the button, a full 2 seconds. I have tried to stop pedaling on these shifts but doesn't help.

My last gripe will be the indecisiveness in shifts that randomly occur when your speed slows down and getting near a shift point. It doesn't actually shift, but it feels and sounds like it shifts down and then back up. Annoying.

Would I spec this hub gear again...nope. Rohloff is nice, but not if you do alot of shifting. Give me an Ultegra 11x30 cassette with di2 shifting any day.

Author — rollingrecliner


It makes good sense when it's mated with a mid drive motor. Clever bit of engineering!

Author — Keep it real


Amazing Engineering 👏
That said, the reliability would concern me in terms of staying on the trail in times of adversity should it fail. No hack and bodge I feel will work 😁.
I'm sure it comes guaranteed, but again time of the trail while you wait for a complex repair. K.I.S.S. works best in my opinion.
Especially out in the Woods. 🙂🙃

Author — Rory Smith


I'm so excited someone made this hub! That has always been my biggest stressor in life! Phew finally....fixed that already, got rid of all the gears except 1...a "Flatlander" watch me hum.🚴‍♂️🚵‍♂️

Author — Leslie L


In my Xiaomi Qicycle I am using the Nexus Inter 3 and it is a marvel ... going from 3 to 5 gears would be a pass. The good thing about this system is its almost zero maintenance, visual simplicity, protection against impacts and gear changes while standing still. Greetings

Author — Paraka