How voting by mail could save the US election

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How voting by mail could save the US election 4.5

Coronavirus threatens the US election. Voting by mail could save it.

On April 7, 2020, as the coronavirus held much of the US under lockdown, the state of Wisconsin held an election. Many other states had already decided to delay their spring elections to protect voters. But in Wisconsin, voters were forced to choose between participating in the election, and their own safety. Wisconsin's decision sparked outrage, but it also highlighted a question that the US really needs to figure out soon: How do you hold an election during a pandemic?

Fortunately, there's actually a simple solution to this one: voting by mail. Tens of millions of Americans already vote this way, and if the rest of the US can prepare their election systems in time for the November election, they could avoid Wisconsin's fate. But time's running out.

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If the only way you can win an election is by stopping people from voting, maybe you shouldn't win the election...

Author — Christopher Sabri


Meanwhile in South Korea: completes nationwide election without a single infection

Author — Basix


Americans be like: this could be us but she playin'

Author — RYB B


They send you an “I Voted by mail” sticker too.

Author — Elia Fuimaono


“Right now there is time, but only if we start now”

I guarantee most state legislatures will not have a plan in place by October.

Author — Michael Rhodes


America: the government can’t do anything!
America: *elects politicians that don’t want government to work*
America: *surprised Pikachu*

Author — JoSciFi


Voting by mail is so common in Germany that when we recently had an election in bavaria, they just closed the polling stations and everyone voted by mail.

Author — madeleine und jayden


Everyone, sit back, relax, and enjoy the political warzone in the comments.

Author — Michael De Santa


5:53 is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. So what if it benefits Democrats, that's because more people will have access to voting and there would be higher turnout. That's not unfair that's democracy.

Author — Nathaniel


In Germany that's perfectly normal. Didn't know, that other countries don't use this system

Author — Computer freak


The Vox reporter looks a lot like a younger Nick Offerman

Author — Jake Lim


Always surprised with Americans, they are always behind on so many things

Author — CarpeDiem


Wisconson: Opens voting
49 U.S states: You weren't supposed to do that

Author — The Assassin


So many republicans crying about voter fraud not realizing there's republican senators who have been elected by mail. Not to mention the fact that the military votes by mail with no issues.

Author — Kyle Johnston


the U.S. needs to figure out a lot of things it seems

Author — a


Voting my mail is literally so common elsewhere, in the UK its really not anything special, its just done

Author — Ryan Lumsden


"Only if we start now"

Yeah I know our trackrecord on acting with on long-term problems, that ain't gonna happen

Author — terrab1ter4


US: Struggles with voting procedures during a pandemic

Me, who voted two weeks ago: *laughs in South Korean*

Author — STDMT


Y’all worried about a second wave, y’all still in the first wave

Author — James Bond


Imagine someone just looking through your mail to change ballots, one by one, house by house

How not to rig an election 101

Author — 1203927