Jack Mitchell | A History

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This history explores the background to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare's protagonist Jack Mitchell.

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still think advanced warfare has the most realistic animation graphics of all the cods even though its 2019

Author — President Fresh


I want a aw2 which has Mitchell hopefully like if you think it's going to happen!

Author — jtolo 129


Call of duty advance warefare is far the best cod game for me because of great animation and a antagonist who can talk and see his damn face and heck the story is good, I want to keep playing and repeating the game

Author — Element Plasma


He betrays his Atlas homies and works with the sentinal OG's

Author — drew schneider


Did anyone notice how his left arm gets cut off but when he put hes arm on the grave it was the left arm in the grave and when irons gave in the card hes left was cut if again and though the hole camp hes left arm was the one cut off but at the end he cuts of hes fake arm but it was the right arm he cut off???

Author — Mike O'Neill


Leave some Likes/Comments for the return of A History! Subscriber support really keeps me motivated! What characters would you like to see!? Enjoy the history of Jack!? I know this isn't too much back story, but you can thank Sledgehammer for that! Sorry for the lack of uploads this week! Finals are finally over!! Check out the COD wiki for awesome info constantly! Love you! <3

Author — TheJFKGamer


He was my favorite honestly so much action

Author — Angelica Neri


I would've like to see this story arc continue but sadly I don't think we'll ever see another AW

Author — StirlingiteAssassin


I think this is the only game Troy has done where the character looks remotely like him 😂

Author — Kelain D


I think we had one of the best campaigns in the series

Author — benjago15


Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare are the 2 most underrated canpaigns dude. AW was fantastic with Troy Baker (my favorite actor of all time) and Kevin Spacey (gotta sepparate the artist from the art with him unfortunately), and I loved how realistic the pre rendered cut scenes felt. IW also had a fantastic cast leading with Brian Bloom who's a fantastic actor who also wrote the script. The game while super futuristic still felt real, specfically cuz the devs contacted the Navy regarding correct lingo and dialogue to use in the script. I feel like people pass by these stories when a lot of them are just fantastic.

Author — Dylan Trisko


Really hoping for a sequel of this, with Mitchell as protagonist or atleast in the game.

Author — BlackstarHorizon


Yes thank you for doing a history for Mitchell :)

Author — BeamStream


I like Mitchell, Gideon and Illona

I want another game with the three of them

Author — Crazzy Razzy


He is best hero (not the most rough and tough one) I would love it if they make more AWs but severing arm means they they are not going to make AW2 as Mitchell was narrator.

Author — Siddhant Sharma


Yes keep doing history's ur awesome at these

Author — Parker Robinson


1:40-1:42 mitchell's arm switches in the first part his right arm is cut off in the second part its the left

Author — silvercamaro78


Advanced warfare was phenomenal until the end, it was anti-climatic

Author — RebelRanger01


2 things: 1: does anyone else notice that the prosthetic arm swaps from left to right originally his left arm was chopped off but at the end his right arm is the prosthetic. And 2:the graphics for the cutscenes look so real like they could be from a live action movie

Author — Shepherd Singer


Mitchell is my favorite character just because of the robot arm and personality

Author — RetsuNii れつにい