Answering Googles Most Searched Questions About ME!

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Answering Googles Most Searched Questions About ME! 5

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Have you ever searched your own name on Google to see what pops up?!

Author — Molly Burke


"How does Molly Burke see?" "Girl she doesn't, that's how!" Molly you are hilarious and I love watching your videos.😂

Author — keithdowell83


me: molly doesn't sound Canadian...
molly: sourry
me: never mind

Author — NiteOwel


You should do a challenge where you walk up to strangers and have a conversation to see how long it takes them to realize that you are blind! 😱

Author — Craft- a-saurus


Molly: We're not dating, we've never dated, and we will never date!
There is nothing romantic here!

Jake: Right. *Laughs*

*In Jake's Mind*: There goes all my hopes and dream for the future.

Author — Violet Juna


How many guys have tried to flirt with Molly over longer distances (with eye contact, winks or shy wave) and thought at the end "How dare you are to ignore me!"

Author — Merigold


Girl, for your height, anything under 91 pounds is considered underweight. You are in a perfect spot and looking great :)

Author — Tiffany S


i’ve never accused you of not being blind, but when i first started watching your videos my first thought was “wow she makes better eye contact than me”

Author — s h e a


What if:
Molly: "There's nothing romantic here, right?"
Jake: "Hmm? *cough* oh yeah, uh, yeah totally nothing romantic at all ahem."

Author — Nina


"Molly Burke boyfriend? Where is he? I can't find him!"
Oh, I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Slugs Kingdom


I may sound really stupid while saying this but I am just curious...

If blind people can’t see do they see black? But if they can’t sense colour will they ever know that the colour they see is black? I know they can’t see but what do they see? I can’t explain it but please answer this...

Author — S Rahman


I thought she had like 7 mil only 1.5 so underrated

Author — Lilly Saiz


"Molly Burke boyfriend"
Molly: I can't see him
/sorry I find it hillarious, no hard feelings, I just make bad jokes 24/7/

Author — Yoana Plachkova


I get so confused when people say their height like that. Is it that dificult to use centimeters? hahaha, just so everybody knows, she is almost 148 cm

Author — Maria Muñoz


My heart breaks whenever she names all her conditions but Molly’s strong she can hold on

Author — Nour & Furat Tube


"I'm 100 pounds..."
Girl I'm 110 pounds and I'm 13 😂

Author — Lexie Pinz


"How does Molly Burke see?" "Girl she doesn't" Why is that so funny to me

Author — Evelyn Deen


Why does her hair look so different in the thumbnail

Author — Janine B


10:57imagine that he liked her but he just got friend zoned whithout her knowing 😂

Author — Alice Lily


I was super confused for a minute when you said “I have a Canadian accent” because you speak so normal to me, then I realized I’m from Michigan so that’s probably why🤣 Does anyone from the US hear an accent?

Author — Elizabeth N