Economic History: The Black Plague —The Great Economic Leveler

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Economic History: The Black Plague —The Great Economic Leveler 5

The Black plague, a horrific event that killed 25 million out of a total population of 80 million in Europe during the period 1348-1351, was one of the first global health epidemics, that spanned Eurasia. Mongol conquest of Eurasia facilitated the rapid spread of the deadly virus.

While undeniably gruesome and tragic, the black plague had a silver lining: the unprecedented lost of life made labour scarce, while infrastructure and other capital were left relatively unharmed. Watch how the black plague provided an economic levelling affect, as noblemen and landowners would bid up the price of labour to work their farms and pay rent.

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Those who survived also benefited greatly from the "free" houses and "free" clothes that they could just pick up anywhere, especially in those cities where more than half of the population died.

Author — Leandro Rothgiesser


This is so interesting. The Black Death indirectly hastened the move to commodity production and capitalism

Author — Captain Clarky


Great work but it would be nice to I include your sources of chronicles or mention their name during your presentation. Xoxox

Author — Ernesto Cabral


Bruh, Prussia and Russia weren't even countries then

Author — Sky


Who here after watching the stock market drop?

Author — jank


Need you to make a video on current events and compare

Author — Young Vices