How To See Germs Spread Experiment (Coronavirus)

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How To See Germs Spread Experiment (Coronavirus) 5

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Please share this with anyone who doubts the science behind social distancing. The road ahead will be a bit bumpy, but we totally got this fellow Earthlings :)

Author — Mark Rober


Teacher: Shakes the hand of 3 kids
4th kid: *Puts her hand out*
Teacher: NOPE

Author — TotallyNotAK


Honestly if Mark talked about the way paint dried it would still be interesting

Author — Wombat


"We totally got this"
America: Well yes but actually no

Author — William Michaels


Mark 2 months ago: "It's going to be fine"
Meanwhile.... the U.S. is falling apart

Author — Jade Jang


Teacher **shakes hands of 3 kids**
4th kid: **puts hand out for handshake**
Teacher: *n* *o*

Edit: Mkay so like everyone in the reply section is saying I stole the comment, almost everyone is talking about it. And when I made the comment I just went with it and didn't check the comments for anything else because I liked the comment I was gonna put. So how is it stolen?! And even if I did "StEaL" it, I don't steal comments completely, I change them up a lot. And the word stolen, is stolen. GeT bUrnEd lol

Author — amilia truehitt


I feel bad for the kid that wanted to shake the teacher’s hand

Author — Ghost


6:20 - “there is absolutely NO NEED to PANIC”

Us today: “wishes don’t always come true”

Author — Mariia Bilyk


Mark: "We got this."
America: Do we though?
Also Mark: "Make yourself a better Human"
America: *unhinged laughter*

Author — Berkeley Pickell


95% of comments, the kid who didn’t get their hand shaked
4% of comments, the kid who said fortnite
1% of comments, other stuff

Author — sockguy 837


Me: Goes to a job interview
Hiring manager: Goes to shake my hand
Me: "Fist bump?"

Author — Core Gob


That poor fourth kid who was like “why doesn’t she wanna shake my hand too?!” Lol

Author — Brianna Gordy


“Closing for 3 weeks”

It’s been 3.5 months dude. We still in quarantine

Author — Everest 89


“We totally got this.”

Everybody liked that.

Author — hone_ymilk


That one Kid: "Fortnite"

That one Kid that plays Minecraft: (Arthur the anteater ✊ meme)

Author — Berugi TV


Germs on phone; I can be there
Still germs: I can be on anything
Nokia 3310: immune to germs
germs: mission failed

Author — K28 0


0:43 I felt bad for that girl who was ready for a handshake 😔

Author — Daya Rojas


Kid: *dosent get to shake hand. Thinks teacher has favorites* Mrs.teacher!

Teacher: yes!

Kid: do u like me?


Author — The Lad


Hand shake: *E X I S T S*
The 4th kid: *Puts hand out*
Teacher: *GET DUNKED ON!*

Author — Big_Weeb _Simp


We checked the room with a blacklight before hand...
My bedsheets: *heavy breathing*

Author — Titan Barajas