Armand Van Helden - NYC Beat

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  • ℹ️ Published 16 years ago

While you funk out to this rocking dance track from Armand Van Helden, take a glimpse into the life of three young women with keen apartment decorating skills and more apples than they know what to do with. Before the day is over these girls are bobbing for apples in the living room and the pleasure is all theirs.

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I remember this song from my childhood, especially that chorus.

Author — David Rule


Several years later and I still dig this song, and the ladies are just gorgeous and fun in the video :D

Author — ForrestFox


FINALLY stumbled upon this song! A local DJ at a club in Waco used this song in a set and I've been looking for it ever since.

Author — AnomicCass


i did a dance routine to this like 4 years ago! i still remember it it was sooo good and fun! greaat song!

Author — loud177


I love this clip so much <3
I always come back to watch it hahaha
even downloaded it!

Author — Sephiralen


he got a record deal because he's an amazing dj, but not so much in the studio. i saw him live yesterday in adelaide at we love sounds and he was incredible, i guess it just doesn't rly translate into this

Author — Cam.jay64


i just saw him in melbourne. amazing set. it's how a dance music set should be.

Author — pedski86


Uptown, downtown, turn the beat around town! Hip-Hoppin biddy-be-boppin, there's no stopping to the sound of the NYC Beat!

Author — TheHomeTeamNYC


There is no stopping how many times i listen to this song.

Author — miiiikku


fantastyczne- zgadzam się... tylko ze w filmie" nie zadzieraj z fryzjerem" chyba była inna wersja!!!!

Author — Damian Maciejewski


2007-2010 were the last good years for EDM music, all tinged with dance post-punk guitars, electro and all that goodness, now it's all putrid trap crap makes you wanna die

Author — Andy Podowski


absolutely cracking tune. Question though, the beat that comes in at around 0:38, anyone tell me what else that is from? Can't quite put my finger on it

Author — Fran Quinn


Wish this music video popped out in our glorious HD time !

Author — fraisemagique


Armand's track is built around a sample of The Fabulous Pop Tart's "New York City Beat" single, which was released back in 1985 - the Pop Tarts are actually Fenton & Bailey, who later went to create the World of Wonder empire...

Author — Gregg Mitchell


I love this song

When i was in Juicy Couture in NYC

Everyone was singing it,
me and my mates had a good laugh :L


Author — Francesca Chelsey


"NYC Beat" - Armand Van Helden is my song!!

Author — Pierre Inthavong


you sir are a gentleman. well played sir

Author — BRAKESUK80


this makes me want to live in new york until i die.

Author — streaker9


This song makes me even more leave my country n fullfil my dream n will of livin on the city of love n crazyness! NYC, i luv it a lot, n u should luve it as well! ;D Armand Van Helden, is amazing!

Author — danyrx8


back to those days when mtv was not modern trash

Author — Blatezers