[60fps Full風] *Hello, Planet. *ハロー、プラネット。- Hatsune Miku 初音ミク DIVA ドリーミーシアター English Romaji subtitles

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[60fps Full風] *Hello, Planet. *ハロー、プラネット。- Hatsune Miku 初音ミク DIVA ドリーミーシアター English Romaji subtitles 5

I think Sasakure.UK-P is a genius in a painter, musician, writer, Programmer.
He always express indirectly by the strange pictures, lyrics, spellings.
He said -
I put the all about "what happened in the story" "what I wanted to tell you" into the four music videos in "The world end series".

[ THE WORLD END Series by SasakureUK-P on YouTube ]
1st. The Weekend's Coming! (しゅうまつがやってくる!)

2nd. Our 16bit Warz (ぼくらの16bit戦争)

3rd. THE WANDERLAST(ワンダーラスト)

4th. *Hello, Planet.(ハロー、プラネット)

[ The most splendid explanation videos by his fan ]
Only Japanese, It's total 200 min, I can't translate it with my poor english (TεT;).

I understood the "Sasakure.UK's world", then I was very moved.

I'm editing Full version ( from Short source songs ) or Clothes compilation ( from Full source songs ) of Project DIVA.
On You Tube, the movie is reduced to a low quality. So please try to play the Project DIVA !!
Project DIVAを編集してフルバージョンなどを作っています。Youtubeでは画質が落ち、フレームレートも半分でカクカクしますので、ぜひ実際にプレイしてみてほ­­しいです。

ボーカロイド投稿リスト [My VOCALOID Videos]
1. Project DIVA Arcade
2. Project DIVA Dreamy Theater Extend
3. Project DIVA Dreamy Theater 1 & 2
4. VOCALOID Others

I uploaded one of 60fps to Nico Nico. ニコニコ動画に60fpsでUPしてます →

( VOCALOID ボーカロイド ボカロ sasakure.UK -P ドリーミーシアター Project DIVA Dreamy theater extend DT English lyrics romaji subtitles エクステンド 終末シリーズ googoo888 )

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Say what you want, I actually find Project Mirai DX's version of the video to be more depressing because everything looks a lot more whimsical in the 8-bit style it has. Combine that with a health bar showing Miku practically killing herself trying to find her master, and a wider variety of backdrops that make you feel a greater sense of scale on what she's trying to do, and it's all the more heartbreaking when she finally finds her master.

Author — Sodapone


Hello, Planet. tells the story of an android (portrayed by Miku) who wakes up alone in a shelter. She discovers that the world is in an apocalyptic state. She sets herself to take care of the pot containing the last surviving plant. She waits for it to sprout, and to receive a message from the exterior of the shelter. With neither situation taking place and her master missing, she takes the plant and embarks in a journey to find him.

Throughout her journey, she greets every object and place that she meets in a clueless, innocent, and cheerful way. After beginning to deteriorate and break from the journey, she arrives to where her master is, yet she discovers that he has passed. Stricken with sadness, she begins to cry, and her tears make the plant sprout. She dies, but the plant's vines rise through the sky, time, and space, to finally arrive in heaven, where she meets with her master again.

The PV ends with showing the planet's vegetation as restored, while it displays the phrase "The Last, LOVE SONG from our planet..." Meanwhile, in the shelter from before, a mysterious letter finally arrives. After the letter's delivery, the "deceased" android is depicted resting next to her master's grave along with the plant growing from the pot.

Author — Wang Yi


This reminds me of Kokoro, like they both have androids, dead masters, and meeting said dead masters again. And both make me want to claw my face off.

Author — Daphne Krayn


This song always makes me cry like a little girl. So cute and yet depressing.

Author — froslas123


Plot twist.
Len was the one who died in that pod

Author — Night Shrine


You know very well. o(^∇^)o
It's "THE WORLD END Series".

Author — googoo888


This is a happy song with a very sad story T_T

Author — WaiKit Leow


*when you notice the pv's in the background, that include GUMI* OMG!!! *flips out*

Author — Vocaloidevil !


Anybody else want some "miku cookies" XD

Author — Kirby Star


2:20, the 'Rain drops of rubble' that begin to fall are bits and pieces of matter that were blown high into the atmosphere during the atomic blasts that destroyed the world in this video. Among those bits of rubble are tiny bits of organic matter, including those of Human origin. Isn't nuclear war great?

Author — art strader


This is definitely in my top 5 favorite miku songs

Author — -RATHALOS-


fun fact: "Ohayo" means "Good morning" in Japanese, and "Konnichiwa" means "hello" in Japanese as well as "good afternoon" XD

Author — AgentAlaska9000


This song sounds so happy and cute, but the lyrics are so sad...

Author — Marley Cameron


that last message was the most wholesome thing ive read.

*tries not to well up*

Author — TechHeadHD2


Sneaky, SEGA, sending Miku to the Space Colony ARK...

Author — Xancrim


This song is so catchy. It's been stuck in my head for like 2 days.

Author — Richard van Dijk


Miku always alone while singing, feel so sad

Author — Sora No Destiny


After I watched this video, I really wanted to play this on project diva extend

Author — A human being that can breathe


Happy 10th Anniversary. Long live Miku !

Author — Toaru Nyanko


I love this, especially in project mirai DX, because of the video-game like video :3

Author — Tyler_318