25-Minute Victoria Sport High Impact Cardio & Lower Body Workout

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25-Minute Victoria Sport High Impact Cardio & Lower Body Workout 5
Short on time? Victoria Sport ambassador Lita Lewis has a quick and effective lower-body burn for you with no equipment needed. The combination of compound and plyometric exercises will have you burning fat while toning your lower half, so you can jet, set, and tone anywhere!

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💬 Comments on the video

"How are you doing Cynthia?"
"I feel the burn"
"Yeah me too"
Me: I've started feeling the burn at warmup lol.

Author — carisma rhodes


the girl in the blue is honestly me in pe class.

Author — b r i a n n a !!


Whenever high knees are in the warmup YOU KNOW it’s gonna be a tough workout 😂

Author — Lisa_MarieMusic


Love sweating with you three! A rewarding 25 minutes. Excited to see what you come up with next Lita!

Author — Rebecca-Louise


Not gonna lie, you're not gonna burn massive calories if you're the girl in blue... gotta exercise like the other two and you'll be reaping the benefits :D

Author — Eleanor Tay


I’m so doing this workout tomorrow. My girl in the blue makes me want to sleep.

Author — Falan Gibbs


Thank you for selecting a Black trainer.

Author — patricia Hayes


Love this workout!! Lita was a great instructor! Fast paced, but she still clearly explained all the moves.

Author — Amanda M


workout isn't workout without Anna ....
we miss you Anna

Author — Alpana Saha


As a doctor I want to say that multiple studies have shown that fitness can positively impact the body in many ways, including helping to regulate blood glucose levels, improve musculoskeletal ailments and keeping the cardiovascular system in tune. Thank you!

Author — Yoga Sun


This workout was amazing for a LISS Cardio day!!!

Author — Susan Weinhardt


This workout was amazing it works the legs like crazy but in the end it is worth it👍

Author — Tia Hughes


Please make some 1 hour hiit workouts without weights!.

Author — Zul Janaan


Totally loved it.The burn here is super quick.Trust me it actually worked and the results are litreally upto my expectations

Author — Sakshi Gupta


really like the trainer and the crew, very doable exercises, just too much squats and very similar exercises. but i really liked the duration of each part. thanks!!

Author — Lisa Viktoria Skutella


Such a great workout! I added a couple of 6kg weights...really brings up the heart rate and adds to the sweat factor. Burned 400 calories doing this workout. I did repeat the third cycle, I liked it so much!
Thanks again for such a great workout and for consistently putting together fabulous videos.

Author — Amanda Reeder


I like it, thanks
for trainings that don't have equipment

Author — LifeSmile BLOG


*in my mind*
Blue girl “oh...oh wait what...what are we doing...ok we’ll ummmm I’ll just smile and try to fit in

Author — Kyleigh Smith


Can't wait to try this with the new 20min workout they just uploaded

Author — Akasha Javed


talk abt a workout! those 25 mins are deceiving!

Author — ChicCii