The Most DANGEROUS Man In The Room

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The moment people think you are the most dangerous man in the room, is the moment you become a little less dangerous. It is not about simply being able to hit your target, it is about never become a target yourself. Here in lies the mindset difference between a shooter and a tactician. Warrior Poets – train hard, train smart.



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Dangerous people don't like to look dangerous. This is part of actually being dangerous.

Author — Мартин Петричев


My dad always has told me. “There’s always someone badder / tougher than you. Always.” I’ll never forget that.

Author — Dusty O'Meara


I was stationed with a Navy SEAL who enlisted in the Army out of high school and became a Green Beret, where he did two tours in Vietnam. After he got out of the Army, he went to school at San Diego State and went to Navy OCS after graduation. Then he became a SEAL and did another tour in Vietnam. LT Duclos was about 5'10", 175 lbs., didn't say much but the look in his eyes told me he was the baddest cat in the room, wherever he was.

Author — Steven Lundgrin


"When you are strong, appear to be - Sun Tzu.

Author — Wayne McLeod


“Someone going around looking for trouble is usually not much trouble for someone who expects it.” -James Dalton-

Author — Dj Cass


Like my instructor told me.” Don’t fear the loud mouth bully. Fear the kid that sits in the back of the room and doesn’t talk to anyone.”

Author — David Mace


My dad always told me to look for the guy who sits in a corner facing the entrance of the room and he will probably be the guy to help you

Author — Don Lesley


A man who uses a sword but choses to keep it sheathed will inherit the world

Author — Yamin Mazumder


A Silent Dog never announces when and if he will bite. A Barking Dog has told you what his intentions are thus giving up all his advantages.

Author — Charles Williams


"Better to be a warrior in a garden then a gardener in a war" it's insane to me that even in this day and age (cameras and video everywhere) how many people walk around assuming they "know" and go looking for a fight...oh you'll find one and it wont go the way you thought.. never judge a book by its cover ....EVER.

Author — Sequoia4trails


"The people that have the biggest potential to be dangerous are those that you least expect to be dangerous."
This is how Psychopaths operate as well. You wouldn't expect anything until it's too late.
They may express little emotions, but challenge them and you'll be in for a heck of a surprise.

Author — Games Cooky


This is really similar to the "Grey Man" tactic. It's basically not telegraphing your skills or abilities by blending in with the general public rather than sticking out as some Tactical High-Speed/Low-Drag Operator in case the SHT hits the fan.

Author — HaXxXo VtotheZ


I've always told new gun owners, conceal carry, otherwise, you could be the first target if you open carry

Author — The Word Man


Situational awareness... Keep your eyes open. Know your surroundings. Look at people in there eyes... love the vids. Great content and knowledge

Author — Flyin Hawaiian


When you said "How would I kill me?" I immediately thought of Dwight Schrute fighting his greatest enemy, himself.

Author — FM57


"When things get out of control and everyone around you is screaming and losing their minds, look for the quiet one and stick to him. He's fixing to cut fence and sort some bastards out."

Author — Eng Med


I started concealed carrying about 7 years ago, and I thank God that I never once thought “OK, now I’m the most badass guy in the room.” I’ve always had this weight of responsibility on my shoulders, and even to this day that is the case. This is especially true because now I am married, and my wife’s safety is the single most important thing to me. So if being “grey, ” is the way to go, if not looking like a threat is the best way to ensure A.) her safety, and B.) my ability to not be the first target so that I have the ability to protect her and others around me, then I am OK with that. Great video.

Author — CmRoddy


When I enter a room, nobody suspects that I'm the most dangerous man in the room. And there is a reason for that. I'm carry large sums of money to pay people not to hit me. My best defense is crying. And even then, my tears are afraid.

Author — Claude S. Whitacre


I’m an experienced operator. AT&T gave me my own headset and everything.

Author — Grant Sherman


I never knew a tough guy that had to tell me how tough he is.

Author — Brian