M1A1 Abrams gameplay - Armored Warfare ( Romania )

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M1A1 Abrams gameplay - Armored Warfare ( Romania ) 4.5
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M1A1 Abrams gameplay
Map : River Point - Encounter battle
Armored Warfare Closed Beta EA4 stage

Armored Warfare is now in Open Beta. ( 08-10-2015)

Armored Warfare: Проект Армата

M1A1 Abrams main battle tank in action

Armored Warfare Romania


**Game settings**
Resolution 1920x1080p
all Graphics Quality settings on ULTRA
Anti-aliasing OFF

** PC Specs **
- Intel i5 3470
- Gigabyte GA-Z77
- GTX 660 Ti ASUS DirectCU II
- 8 gb ddr3
- SSD intel 520
- old potato screen Philips 223V5 with 1920 x 1080p resolution

Shadow Play from NVIDIA : 1920 x 1080p , 30fps, 50 bit rate ; MP4 H.264

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💬 Comments on the video

Back when you didnt have to wait 13 minutes to find a game in armored warfare

Author — Stock Brazen


excellent game, you showed them what an abrams can do!

Author — caleb smitherman


If war thunder and world of tanks had a kid this would be it

Author — Thomas Bartel


Seeing that challenger cry made me feel good. Thank you for this video sir.

Author — Bagheera


wish this game wasnt dead on both NA and EU servers in fact i was the only one playing yesterday o in the que for both servers

Author — Madara Uchiha


How many female loaders are there in real life? Probably none.

Author — ManlyMovie


looks like big brother of word of i see great detail in everything....i cant wait to see visual damage and destructive enviroment

Author — gunner6084


lol the crying chally 1 player on the chat, poor guy hahahaha

Author — Depredador Jungle Hunter


Legit a carbon copy of WOT just modern setting and tanks yawn... 😴next

Author — Goofy Newfie


Sal! Cu ce ai inregistrat lupta? adica cu ce soft!

Author — Nannunbgd


his this has good has War thunder or better?

Author — Rui Moreira


it's so easy to do gameplay in T8 in closed beta, because all beta player recieve all T8 for the last test week ;)

Author — Ironlizard


Isso é tipo um World Of Tanks Guerra moderna onde só tem tanque moderno de nível 11 até nível 20(eita)

Author — XxSonicXx XxSinger8Xx


It's sort of like world of tank but all of these tank are modern from 1980-2017

Author — Pete


How can this game run on

Nvidia Geforce 120M
Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4Ghz
and finally a Tactical Potato

Will it run good ?

Author — ZDeadfallout Xx


WoT has artillery, this game has ATGM, what War Thunder has? Huge Russian Bias

Author — Ancient Warrior


I wish the gameplay feels like war thunder.

Author — MRDeadlyFPS


You should have killed those tanks in one or two shots. Why the hell do they have hitpoints?

Author — MTB Gamer


Well the graphics on Xbox x are dreadful that's why I don't play it really disappointed if it looked like this then I'd play it

Author — Chally Ho