Interracial Couples Talk Family: 'Awkward Moments & Weird Traditions' | VH1

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Interracial Couples Talk Family: 'Awkward Moments & Weird Traditions' | VH1 5

Interracial couples discuss bringing together their very different families along with the weird traditions and navigating those awkward moments.

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yo that black lesbian " this white person constantly has me picking fruit"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author — donte pearce


I've never heard bagel pronounced that way 😭😂 BAGul

Author — CoreOfTheStar


I'm white/Brazilian and I'm dating a black girl and sometimes we forget we're different races lol

Author — Marx


“My family is from Haiti Christian, conservative, protective” yeap she’s haitian 🇭🇹

Author — chris Ez


Notice how the White men are attracted to mainly dark skinned women. I’ve seen this a lot. It’s interesting.

Author — bonwright78


I loved the video but interracial dating is not always black and white.

Author — Ashley B


“Im from staten Island”

We could tell bro

Author — Ongo Gablogian


Interracial couples kicks ass. I like seeing a black woman with a white man.

Author — Warlock 41


I'm thankful that both sides of our family have been supportive and welcoming of our marriage❤

Author — Joann & The Man


Yoo lmao the one with the braids lowkey disrespectful 😂

Author — TheKiid810


I see so many white men with black women in nyc.

Author — roger8654


*I'm of African American, Native American, and Creole descent and My Fiancé is Mexican American! And y'all we are bomb ASF! I love us so much. Our wedding is this year on December 7. Which is also our anniversary dating. So we'll be wed on our second We are so EXCITED!!*

Author — Jett Verona


"This white person family always have me picking fruit."
I totally thought that was a metaphor for something else 😭

Author — Radiant Shay


Interracial dating is just about 2 human beings in love.

Author — Zinny Music


"Watch it, Watch how you talk to me, Make sure it's a request not a demand"...🤣🤣🤣🤭
cute that lesbian couple 🙂

Author — Marlene O


*To my dear and loving Black Women, you are all BEAUTIFUL.*

*Stop putting your happiness on hold and getting your hopes and dreams crushed by Black Men that don’t meet the King standard. You are royalty. That’s his loss.*

*There is LOVE waiting for each and every single one of you if you dare step out of the box.*

*No, I’m not advocating FOR or AGAINST dating non-black, I’m only saying truthfully that you are INTELLIGENT, BEAUTIFUL, COURAGEOUS, LOVABLE, RESILIENT, WANTED, PATIENT, NEEDED, HEADSTRONG, ADORED, LOYAL, and so much more and you will be treated like the QUEENS you are whether that treatment comes from an individual that is Black or not.*

*Please don’t let ANYONE or ANYTHING tell you that you are not appreciated and the MOST POWERFUL BEINGS on and off this planet.*

*I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!! I LOVE YOU!!! Peace Love Smiles Truth Galaxy, I am Zachary, I see you, my dear and beloved Queens.*

*Hold that beautiful face high and know that you do have fans, Black and non Black, worldwide. Stop putting your peace, love and happiness on hold for men that don’t deserve you. Being faithful and committed when they cheat cheat cheat you time and time again.*

*Growing up I’ve seen the women elders and young women in my family stay in toxic abusive pro-Black relationships generation after generation, never being asked to be married by these low down Black men that use them up, have dozens of babies with them and then leave us kids behind to go on and do the same to another sister clear on the other side of town.*

*There is a small amount of women in my family now that have stepped out of the box and marry Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern and they are extremely happy. This is your world my Queens, rule it as such. You have options.* ✌🏾❤️👸🏾💯 🌌 🌍 🌏

Author — Zach Van Harris JR


I'm so happy they went with black women!

Author — Anneshirley Nyako


"She stands up and screams at the tv to tell them to run"

*Why is this me? Except I'll actually run on the spot with them*

Author — Natasha Kings


I’m Asian and my husband is white, I love him to death.

Author — Blue Fox


Damn, black women and white men look so good together ♥️

Author — Lola Luxx