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How to cook creamy Maja Blanca with Latik toppings

Maja Blanca is a popular Filipino coconut pudding dessert made with coconut milk, cornstarch and whole kernel corn. Made extra creamy with evaporated and condensed milk with latik on top, it’s perfect for dessert or snacks!

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It’s texture, creaminess, presentation are so nice. Easy to prepare and follow the ingredients. Sending a perfect bite for this delicious desserts without skipping ads❤️

Author — Purpose Driven Soul


I’ve not tried this yet but it looks absolutely amazing 😍

Author — Andy


Wow, absolutely delicious! A perfect dessert/snack, paired with a nice cup of coffee. Thank you for sharing your video with us.

Author — Kusina Ni Manangko


I love to eat majablanca, especially when it's a bit cold just from the fridge. That looks delicious, really good for dessert. Thanks for sharing.

Author — Araña Fam


I've never tasted this before but I really want to try this, thanks for sharing this delicious treat!!

Author — One Hot Bite


This looks sooo.. delicious! Thank you for sharing this recipe 👍👍❤️😆

Author — Home away from Home


This is one of the Filipino delicacies that I really love. Overloaded with “Latik”. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day friend.

Author — Beauty of Life Ph


Awesome! That Maja Blanca recipe looked so delicious and yummy. Great cooking skills too. You are so amazingly good. I love it. See you again partner. :)

Author — Ivan Luvic Idala


Your version of maja blanca is more eye catching and appetizing. The way you prepared all the ingredients, i can tell that it's absolutely yummy and tasty. It's perfectly done. Thanks for sharing

Author — Egon Terang


I love to make some of this. So sweet and delicious.

Author — Mich


So creamy and yummy maja blanca I miss eating this food. I love the presentation good job my friend. Keep it up the good work ☺👍

Author — ERICH CHANNEL asmr mukbang


I love to eat this dessert.I will try to make it with your way of cooking.Thanks for sharing😘

Author — Lola Tersing's KITCHEN


The way you presented your content is awesome! So yummy food

Author — Ken Pefah


It's so yummy!!
Done perfectly ~
Looking forward for more
Have a wonderful day :)

Author — Elegant Art Zone


Looks delicious my friend. Great recipe. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed watching Irene💜🍴

Author — Irene Downing


one of my favorite desserts..thanks for sharing your recipe :)

Author — All is Well


Never tasted before ..! But wish to have it ..! Nice recipe video 👍👍

Author — NowHereBlow


Looks delicious maja Blanca. Perfect dessert.

Author — The Saldanha’s Vlog


Maja blanca is my favorite! This is delicious!

Author — aleedays


One of sweet delicacies na hindi mawawala sa mga pinoy handaan hehe, love your own version dear, happy to watched in full and did not skip ads, so glad to join you dear..Wishing you all the best!

Author — KimMarie KorPhil