Giuliani says video refutes Trump forced kiss accusation

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Invalid campaign token '7mSKfTYh8S4wP2GW'
Giuliani says video refutes Trump forced kiss accusation 5
One of President Trump's attorneys, Rudy Giuliani, speaks out about the video of the kiss on 'Hannity.' #Hannity #FoxNews

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Dems are forcibly kissing 2020 goodbye.

Author — John Robi


What a crock of crap! Are there any normal people left in America? Seriously??

Author — Linda Campbell


This woman should be charged with false accusations

Author — Dorian Shades of gray


Someone lied about President Trump to try to make him look bad?!? That’s a shock!

Author — Chris Ullery


Wait I’m confused, why would Trump kiss a person of color?? I was told he’s a racist!!!!

Author — Nathan Burbach


Trump touched me inappropriately, buy my book to get the full details.

Author — Rich B


Dems can't win on facts, so they run on lies. Pathetic losers will still lose.

Author — Song Master


I am the most attacked, demonized and lied about man in history. You are witnessing the single greatest misinformation campaign in history.

Author — Donald J. Trump


She's the one that leaned in for the kiss on the cheek. These people have lost there mind.

Author — Brian Neal


I thought they said he was racist now they say he tried to kiss a black woman these people don't know what else to do

Author — ALEX C.F


Let's face it. The Dems KNOW they will never beat Trump. They'd rather run a smear campaign than actually run on facts and issues.

Author — americafirstgal


This will backfire on the dems as footage of their candidate Joe Biden in public doing much worse will resurface.

Author — Ron_Vong


He bearly touched her.... At least he didnt hug her and smelled her..

Author — Art Studio


The left is officially turning into a circus. What a disgrace to our nation these people are.

Author — Sam M.


Oh look! Another woman accusing a man of something that didn’t happen

Author — Gabbie


She leaned towards and into Trump so it doesn't look forced.

Author — new new


So who forced the kiss Trump or the lady? Because i seen her pucker up too

Author — MannyFresco


I already thought this was over months ago
They had this footage awhile ago they’re still trying to get him on this
Hahahahahahaha wow



Yep. Knew it was B.S.! LOVE my President!!

Author — Dianna Reed


That's not worth even notice. They're looking to get him in every possible corner. There's never been an American President that is such a victim of harassment by the opposition and the media (same people).

Author — tamimerkaz