Want to move to Canada? Story of an Indian Professional In Montreal.PR, Benefits, Problems & Process

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Want to move to Canada? Story of an Indian Professional In Montreal.PR, Benefits, Problems & Process 5

An Indian Professional talks about moving to Canada and starting a new life there with this family. His schooling, career he chose, challenges he faced and the final result he achieved. Younis studied in India, worked as a freelancer all over the world on jobs he applied from India and then eventually moved to Canada. His inspiring story tells us about his goals and struggles he went through to reach where he is now as an established professional in the city of Montreal which is the biggest city of the Quebec, the French-speaking province of Canada.

Is it worth moving to Canada?
How difficult was the process?
Is it easy to settle in Canada?
How much is the cost of living in Canada?

All Such questions are answered in this video.


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India me 35% salary/month Government ko dedo aur bhul jaao ki aapne kisi ko kuchh diya... Agr Tax ka puchha Toh Aap Anti National Ho.... Hahahahahahaha...!!!!

Author — Rishabh Khare


I used to play cricket with younus and zee when they were living in faridabad god bless u both

Author — Manish Bhatia


Look alike
Zeeshan = Rock
Yunis bhai = R madhvan
Mohit Manocha = Traveling Desi 😉

Author — ashutosh baraskar


interview same type with ROCK from india to canada (owning BMW)

Author — NANU _ನು


Younis Bhaiya ekdum Madhavan lagte Hain

Author — Divyanshu kumar


One more information needed initially when you come down you don't have job so how to survive and how much expenses daily is required.

Author — Samir Ajmera


Bro, if you're still in montreal, I wanna meet you

Author — Shah Shawon


daily After gym, ,, i watch ur vlogs ... its a relieve for my mind...
Do vlog and entertain evryone..
By the way I am Debraj Welcome to My channel

Author — Debraj Vlogs


Bhaiya is impressive . Good experienced guy

Author — v


9:56, CA$ 40 to CA$80 a month ?!
Did anyone forgot to add [ k]
(40k to 80k)?

Author — Sarthak Patil


The person looks genuine and down to earth. God bless him.

Author — Santosh Kumar


Jab padega INDIA tabhi toh badega CANADA.

Author — vishal solanki


I am watching this video at the time when I am highly demotivated about my decision of moving to Canada. Thanks to you for making these informative videos which give an insight into the daily routine of an immigrant. I am sure that all your viewers must be looking forward to listening to your story too, as to how and why you took up the decision of immigrating and how did it turn out to be?

Author — Nupur Gupta


Kindly make vlog on living in Romania.

Author — Hardik Gaglani


Can I please talk to you on the phone?
I just have few queries about the jobs in the hospitality industry I am looking forward to

Author — Meghna Kothari


Hey, i m also a VFX Artist currently working in redchillies vfx. Your story really inspiring and i also wish to work in canada in near future

Author — RAHUL K


"Ha kya hai " 😁

It's truly best fraind wali feeling thi.

Author — Vipin Lamba


Montreal is one of the best cities in Canada! <3 it

Author — Aasheesh pradeepbhai


Everything comes with money, dream of big come with investment

Author — bhupinder singh


After completing my homework, I daily watch ur vlogs. It gives me inspiration to study more and become successful like u and u r friends. And with my hardwork, one day I'll be in Canada.

Author — Xseed 2018.