What Hospitals Fighting The Coronavirus Look Like Around The World

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What Hospitals Fighting The Coronavirus Look Like Around The World 4.5

As coronavirus cases continue to increase around the globe, hospitals everywhere are overwhelmed and doctors worried. From New York to Kolkata, here's a look at how hospitals in some of the most infected countries are handling the pandemic.

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What Hospitals Fighting The Coronavirus Look Like Around The World

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this is just so heartbreaking hope everyone is doing all right.

Автор — destroyer22719


Hope everything gets better and my thoughts go out to everyone suffering

Автор — Sanae Asim


This is the kind of images that should be shown. The reporting of the pandemic has been way to sanitized showing only numbers. People must see the sick and the bodies.

Автор — Jasc Random


It's amazing that these brave souls risk their lives battling covid-19 on the front lines.

Автор — Cycling Cycles


I pray this pandemic soon comes to an end.

Автор — Dan Rodger


These are unprecedented times. I would like to thank ALL the hospital workers, care workers AND small business owners that are struggling to get by right now. This WILL end. The most important thing is family and keeping them safe. THANK YOU to all the health workers!

Автор — Big Tech Insights


Respect and rest in peace to all who died and survived Corona virus.

Автор — Radian


This is so upsetting. I really worry about south america because things may get out of hand extremely badly in there.

Автор — Wee Day


My hospital looks like a war zone. These are definitely unprecedented times.

Автор — Casey Burns Investing


Bless all of the Health Care Professionals Thank you for your service!

Автор — Eric Stanger


In the UK mps getting paid £10k to sit at home along with their salaries, however we clap for the NHS workers.

We are not a first world country when the government gets more protection that the people who care for them.

Автор — Abdullah


These people still working hard day and nights to save lives are the TRUE invisible heroes... THANK YOU ALL!!!

Автор — Wealth Insider


Given how serious covid is footage of patients needs to be graphic. The public needs to see what really happens to covid patients because most think it's like having the flu with oxygen masks on people. The grim reality is people having holes cut into their throats, their blood being drained and oxygenated in bags, patients chests heaving as they choke involuntarily, the heart attacks and attempts made to resiccitate them. The public needs to be forced to look at what really happens. The vast majority of the old dying alone in pools of their own waste in shelters that have no respirators.

Автор — Dreamstate


Therapists are gonna make big bucks when this is all over

Автор — Its Me Racoon


are the camera holders protected as well?

Автор — loliconcarne


I’m currently at home suffering with the virus, but I’m thankful that my breathing isn’t being affected too much. But after realising how painful it is, I can’t imagine what the patients in hospitals are going through. If any of your family get this virus, please take it seriously as it’s in no way pleasant.

Автор — alexizdabestPSN


No one:
german: hmm yes i think we should open the schools
education goes before health!!!!

Автор — 5AM


2:56 he can just simply talk in hindi they will have to add cc
Own what u got with pride

Автор — Umar Shaikh


I swear, my store needs to show this to our demanding customers who don't care.

Автор — Rom Vacuous Spooder


God bless all of the healthcare workers and first responders on the front lines!!

Автор — Jimmu Dud3