iPhone 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max : top 25 features

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I just got my 11 Pro. Switching from Android is quite a leap.

Author — Matthias Tan


Who else is watching on there iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max

Author — Reem Rameez


Upgraded from a 6 to an 11 pro a couple of weeks ago... feels like the whole world has changed haha.

Author — They Caged Non


Man those cases are so FUGLY on such a beautiful phone !



who’s watching it with his new iphone 11 pro max.. ❤️❤️

Author — Dr sneha Raturi


I am the only one more attracted to the silver or gold color?😭😭

Author — Alex Nava


Upgrading right now from an old ass Android to a iPhone 11 pro max

Author — C o o k i e


Apple should’ve included wireless EarPods.

Author — Cuebix


Actually I’m watching this with my midnight green 11 pro max. It’s awesome

Author — Edet Otto


why is he whispering so loudly in my head

Author — JoeMama


I got the Pro Max 256 GB in Midnight Green and although I wish it had a greener shade, I still love it!

Author — stryfe1973


My dad is gonna b upset but I’m getting that pro max tomorrow

Author — Itz Cam


i feel intimidated every one is watching on an 11, i’m on a 7

Author — Jqcob


I never thought I'd like a green phone, but it's my new favorite iPhone color. I saw it in store and ordered one lol. Really hope it sticks around. I'd love to see it make it to the iPad pro.

Author — Symbi0t3 Bci


Okay my favorite color before the 11 came out is dark green! So them saying midnight green I was like I’m getting it.

Author — Mind Scape


Most of what you are saying isn’t exactly a “feature”, they are iphone 11 pro specs 😑

Author — Jeff Chong


The gold looked kind of too girly for me so I got the green one

Author — Luis Lopez


Midnight green is by far my favourite colour

Author — Hugo Hahn


During those A13 bionic shots, that literally looked like you were presenting a military weapon.

Author — PBassOnlyBass


19:13 to 19:58 is just snapchat really LMAO

Author — xxjacob304xx