How the Uber of Private Jets Is Winning Over Celebrities and CEOs

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How the Uber of Private Jets Is Winning Over Celebrities and CEOs 4.5

April 20 -- Why fly first class when you can book your own private plane? XOJET, the private jet company backed by TPG Capital, can take you across the U.S. faster than a commercial flight and its service is on demand. The company keeps client names secret, but social media posts from Instagram and Twitter reveal a few of them, including celebrities The Rock and DJ Tiesto. Bloomberg's Ramy Inocencio takes a private tour over Manhattan with XOJET CEO Brad Stewart.

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People on this thread just don't get it. There are a few million people who are so wealthy that 30 grand one way is relative to you spending 150 bucks one way. You have no idea what its like to be that wealthy and its not nuts to them.

Author — truvelocity


When you are an executive out to finish a $20 Million dollar deal, a small $30, 000 fee to fly across the country is nothing. If you buy a ticket with a commercial airliner and you miss your flight because the security lineup is out the door of the airport, then you just lost $20 Million dollars. That's why this XOJET service is in such high demand.

Author — Honesty Counts


Huge difference between Uber and XOJets: Uber doesn't own the vehicles using the platform, while XOJET directly owns its planes.

More like "on-demand rental", nothing new here

Author — Some guy


Buddy, the top 10% of the 1% are not worth $40 million

Author — AbdulAziz Alradhwan


Comparing this to uber is an insult to the pilots and just about everyone else in the company.

Author — stan west


i was thinking of buying a jet but it looks much easier to just rent it when ever you need it.

Author — Last chance


Uber of Jets for $30k? I'll just jump back on my Southwest flights for $79 one way

Author — Joe Bigornia


I wonder how soon hedge funds will start buying each other to the point that 5 guys own everything in the world.

Author — Bruce B


the dog in the commercial lowkey look like ivanka trump

Author — Duncan Smith


Isn't this just the same thing as chartering which has been around forever? When it say uber, I was thinking people with their private jets were turning on their smartphones and clicking accept job and yelling to the pilot... "hey let's land in that airport over there... there is someone we have to pick up..."

Author — Michael Toh


How exactly is this the Uber of jets? More like clickbait for a puff piece about this company.

Author — Brandon Reed


I guess these guys never heard of taking an interview in a sound proof room..
Such low production values from Bloomberg??

Author — Mohsin R Parkar


Perfect transpo for drug mule. 30K per trip? Damn it's worth it 😂

Author — Desidedo Mohabal Jr.


1:03 wow Donatella Versace looks so young there.

Author — Chuck Mann


30k a trip? I can see the resemblance with Uber

Author — Bruno De Marques


I’ll just continue to get moved like Cattle.

Author — john folsom


I'd like to hear what "here in my garage" Tai Lopez has to say, I value his opinion as I do also Alex Jones, of Infowars.

Author — James Rockford


The top 10%of the 1% have their own jet.

Author — Ken C


And here I am watching this from my 2 by 2 cubicle.

Author — Marush Denchev


Pierce Brosnan's latest movie : I.T. shares this concept of "Uber of private jets."

Author — Manu Anand