Reality of Indian Economy | GDP Growth Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

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Reality of Indian Economy | GDP Growth Analysis by Dhruv Rathee 4.5
In times when auto sales, biscuit sales, inner wear sales are all falling down, jobs losses are rising. The Latest data shows that the GDP growth of India for first quarter of FY 2020 has fallen to 5% only. I explain the reasons behind the economic slowdown and some solutions for it.

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NDTV: GDP गिर रही है,
Republic: 'कंगाल पाकिस्तान'
Sudarshan: 'पाकिस्तान मांगे पानी'
Zee News: 'भिकारी पाकिस्तान'
ABP: 'हाथ फैलाता पाकिस्तान'
Times Now: 'दाने दाने को तरसता पाकिस्तान'
Aaj tak: 'घर मे नही दाने पाकिस्तान चला....
जनता: अरे भई, अपने देश की GDP गिर रही😡

Author — Iam Mz


14k disliked kya galat bol raha hai, such a idiot peoples 😡😡

Author — sagar kb


Very good. Plz do more video's like this. Let stupid people know the reality of our country

Author — suchetha V K


Damn true...👌 we will be suffer more in next year

Author — Rohit Guriya


I was a blind follower of modi and also seen ur vedios of before 2019 election and did curse you for speaking against modi. but now I am realizing when u said about R. rajan's resignation, cuz I also know about ranjan's great intellectual.

Author — Ishu M kumar


शुक्र है मैं अंडरवियर "डॉलर" का पहनता हूँ, अगर "रुपये" का होता तो बार बार नीचे गिर जाता ओर "विकास" दिख जाता ! 😅

Author — Sohail Shaikh


Bengal Finance Minister Amit Mitra was the only finance minister who protested implementation of GST at that time (despite being the one of the brains behind GST)by not going to the seminar where finance ministers from all states came. He got called by all patriotic deshbhakts as communist, pseudointellectual, Anti national, bangladeshi and what not.

Author — Saurabh Ghosh


Yr man krta hai ki Teri SAARI LITERALLY SAARI video Dekh loo😍😍😍!!!

So informative!!!😎

Author — Vishal Dhapola


Dr Manmohan singh is the best economist, BJP should suggest with him

Author — Richy Dadial


Mainstream media in Economy slowdown.
1. Little bit Pakistan!!!!
2. Little bit Religion!!!!
3. Little bit Nationalism!!!

Stomach of ordinary people filled.

Author — Global Human


मित्रों शुक्र है अंडरवियर " डॉलर की आती है अगर " रुपये " की आती तो बार बार नीचे गिर जाती और विकास दिख जाता |

Author — Anand Yadav


Country deserve it, educated but no common sense in some people and many people following them

Author — 007


Actually BJP has given three pattern of economics
That's why we are having these



If bhakt watch this video correctly,
They never vote modi again

Author — Mohammed Nihal


The public is more illiterate than those ministers, this is the only reason why they are seating there.

Author — Rishi Raj


If the economy slips any further, Nirmala Sitharaman will merge RBI with Reliance!


Author — Shashikant Koche


India got modi cancer
Let's fight with Pakistan to win elections
Don't care about country

Author — ABN ABN


I'm going to leave India soon... can't tolerate this stuff anymore

Author — Mindless Productions Ltd.


Tell about that useless self righteous bugger subramaniyam swamy who was just behind RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan poor person resigned that subramaniyam should be kicked

Author — Nerella Johnson Vasant Kumar


your second video for gdp is not come yet i am waiting to know how rupee fall, can we produce our own currency and all things

Author — Bhathaniya Nizam