Roubini: It’s a Scary Time for the Global Economy

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Roubini: It’s a Scary Time for the Global Economy 4.5
Jul.02 -- Nouriel Roubini, chief executive officer at Roubini Macro Associates, discusses the global economy, geopolitical risk, the U.S.-China trade negotiations, the possibility of a global recession, how he thinks we can avoid it, China’s economy and global debt. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: Asia” from the sidelines of the Asia Blockchain Summit in Taipei.

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Came here because of The Modern Investor's shoutout about Roubini going off about crypto on live Bloomberg interview lol.

I hope he'll get his hands on even one BTC one day with the wealth he has, hopefully even one day sooner for his own peace in mind.

Even Peter Schiff has some BTC and is starting to acknowledge it more.

Our own ego is our own worst enermy. Roubini, please wake up!

Author — Naha Ktam


"Bitcoin or any or any other shitcoin".lol
Made my day.

Author — alex80121232


For those looking for the Roubini meltdown its @ 19:00

Author — thatguy2012


Shitcoin! He's on fire in this interview.

Author — henry park


This guy spits economic connections like a machine gun

Author — Technique Zeke


"Not even this Blockchain Convention accepts Bitcoin."

Author — jacob ts


You can't pay the entrance fee to a crypto currency conference with any crypto currency. Hilarious!

Author — NeverCryWolf64


Since the Roman Empire it's been a Scary Time for the Global Economy.

Author — Heavy Distortion


he really triggered the old man when he brought up crypto.... lol

Author — Rey Vasquez


Poor Roubini, he went all in on BTC at 20k. 🤦‍♂️

Author — Nicolas


I’ll be drinking the same coffee this man has. Lit.

Author — The Countertop Guy


Roubini i am using my Huawei P30 Pro and its great 😍

Author — John Barron


The interviewer wants the interviewee to solve the impending economic recession!

Author — Eddie Gonzalez


The reason Nouriel has been wrong for the last decade is the trillions of dollars printed by the central banks around the world and the increase in debt by all the countries of the world. All that money went into the stock markets of world in the form of leverage, when we have to feel the pain of deleverage those positions, it will be painful.

Author — Chris Moore


Roubini predicted 10 out of the last 2 recessions

Author — rimservices


I am going long on Shitcoin and tulips.

Author — Gary Powell


He looked so crushed when Arthur pointed out he had no Bitcoin. Roubini is probably holding bags of Deutsche Bank.

Author — Glen Warnes


BRAVO Dr. Encore
**chair falls over as I get up, whistling""

Author — RavingsofaLunatic


Now how do you really feel about Bitcoin Mr. Roubini?

Author — boboallan1


the last part was most entertaining 'shitcoin for shitcoin"

Author — ryejetski