DPP: KVDA management culpable of Aror, Kimwarer dam scandals, improper tender awarded

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DPP: KVDA management culpable of Aror, Kimwarer dam scandals, improper tender awarded 4.5
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Haji, Arrest and take Culprits to Court NOW. by doing that, you would be SERVING A PUBLIC GOOD.
Walk the Talk NOW.

Author — sam nsadha meyer


Mr Rotich carry your on cross... Mwizi sugu wewe

Author — isaack korir


We want to see pple in Kamiti.Please let thieves rot in jail and their sympathisers.

Author — Augustine Kabuba


👍we are eagerly waiting to see actions taken to the corrupt facing jail prosecution and returning all money stolen to the government....

Author — Daniel Njoroge


After this please go after the registrar of persons within Westland-Nairobi....at westlands unless you give a bribe, to apply for an ID card is smth near impossibility.

Author — Shack 1


I really pray that this time it is not just the usual drama

Author — Brian K


where is their master mr haji? the fake hustler.



I order you release these individuals on cash bail of ksh100K each and a surety of similar amount. wacha kizungu mingi. na vijana mwache MIHADARATI.

Author — Chair Mundu


Funga hao kabisa, peleka Kamiti in Solitary confinement and their assets seized!! Let this be a lesson to our corrupt Government officials. Enough is Enough. Well-done Haji, you have the blessings of Kenyans. And go after the big sharks too!

Author — TMB


Yes they have been arrested the question is will they be convicted ? Or is it just a usual drama of playing guitar to goats?

Author — kelvin onyango


Even if not the arrested still we knw who thieves are!!

Author — Moha Bagaran


Lands ministry killing poor Kenyans.pls go for it.no money no title deed

Author — Uschi Abet


I also request that you visit lands minstrels more so kisii lands, official are tooo corrupt they give the land titles kwa mtu asiye mwenyewe wenyewe wako, kesi kotini miaka na miaka watu wanateseka thafadhali wasaidieni .

Author — Boss peter


Registra of persons in isiolo for years has been place whre corruption is kama kawaida...Mr dpp haji check isiolo please coz watoto maskini ni shida kupata id

Author — Ali dubabaxaka zoom.


No surprises here. Full of Ruto’s Tangatanga thieves.

Author — Jeffy Jeff


Next is ministry of lands. No money no title...they keep telling you they can't find your documents yet they can employ someone to do filing for them. Disgusting indeed !!

Author — The Astronomer


a dog that bites doesn't bark. we need actions ....

Author — Martin Miano


Do it on good way not do but D William Ruto

Author — John Tanui


We want to see the proof...that can stand the test of time...that can show who stole what...where...when...let them end in prison...but a lot of English will not do...Lets dance....

Author — Anthony Mwathi


Good work! We want to see these corrupt individuals being jailed! DPP keep it up! Kenya needs to move to greater heights 👏👏👏

Author — Job Wanjala