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They Saw Dad, She Was Mom | NYT - Conception 4.5
“I got the marriage. I got the kids. But I was missing something.” Her kids saw her as Dad, but she was Mom.

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No, that does not make you less of a mother just because you didn't biologically carry your children. I am adopted and my Mum is very much my mother ♡

Author — Kelly Plunkett


Wow that was not an aspect of being trans that I ever thought about. To identify as a woman and not be able to carry your own children. Like, being able to bear children doesn't make you a woman but it is a big part of being one.

Author — MW S


Always amazed how vulnerable these women are in this series. No exception here. Thank you for your story❤️

Author — Pear Gordon


This just felt right. People have complex emotions and they need to be understood and not alienated. Empathize and be there to listen.

Author — Vidushi Rastogi


As an adopted human I'm a little upset that it's assumed that one has to push a child out of their body to be a "mother".

Author — Rosalie Stevenson


There are many women who can't have children. Regardless of your personal history, if you desire to have a child and give e birth to them and can't, it's going to be painful and sad.

Author — Tiny Marshmallow


Wasn't expecting to relate to this on such a personal level. When I was 18 I found out that I probably won't be able to have children, but it hasn't been until the last few years that I really started to develop feelings about it. I'm 29 now and am being told it's too late to try, that my ovaries are a "hostile" place, and it hurts. I feel all these things that my head knows are ridiculous but I can't help it: I'm so old, my body has betrayed me, this is my sole biological purpose, I've already missed out on my entire life.

Author — CassiTheNerd


I relate to this a lot. I’m a trans male, and it’s hard to live with the fact that I can never have my own biological children. It’s a hard fact that we trans people have to live with. I feel this woman’s pain so much and I wish I could hug her and tell her I understand so much.

Author — wakesuho


This is beautiful, my “dad” is a transgender woman and I’ve always accepted that, but I never thought that this could be going through her head.

Author — Daisy Thralow


She seems like such a wonderful mother and she's doing great 💜

Author — Kayden Stuff


Loved watching, thanks for the share!

Author — Harriet Shearsmith


Very good video. Loved it. ... Just be who you really are. So ... You did not bear a child. Many women don't or can't have kids. At least they are part of you.

Author — Michelle B


This is so beutiful, I cried for so long.

Author — Yuli Ruppin


I could keep listening to this story for longer. Will you do a longer version please?

Author — nóra juhász


How can there not be souls when there is this

Author — Lady Oblivion


This was beautiful.

There are rebirthing rituals if the narrator is interested in that type of thing.

Author — Spiral Breeze


I don't understand. Sorry, but can someone please explain what happened to Gabrielle?

Author — Xiaobao


Adoptive mothers are still mothers.... You don't need to give birth in order to be someone's mother.

Author — Kye Talks


I kind of see gender dysphoria as a by-product of the roles society makes you play, according to your gender. If we didn't have the image of women being different from men or vice-versa, there would be less people identifying as "man" or "woman" and more people identifying as a "human being". It's really sad to see people go through confusion and being rejected by society when society is the actual culprit of all mishaps in life.

Author — Hye-Jin Kweon


I dont wanna sound rude but like am confused so they were born a dude and became transgender but are you still straight?? (I dont wanna be rude but am asking)

Author — Nena 1478