Shadow Figure Caught On Thermal Imaging Camera? | Paranormal Lockdown

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Shadow Figure Caught On Thermal Imaging Camera? | Paranormal Lockdown 4.5

Nick and Katrina are at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, where they use a thermal imaging camera mounted on a drone to try and spot and activity that might be going on in the building.

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*runs all the way downstairs* “It’s hard to breathe in here” 5:09

Author — Evan Stropes


Kat is crazy for sleeping in that morgue.

Author — Hunter's Moon


Imagine the whole shane dawson squad (Morgan, Ryland, Andrew, garret, and of course shane ) investigate with them..all they'd say is eww😂😂not a hater I'm the biggest fan of all😂

Author — martina bigi


Honestly I’ve watched multiple videos now and they are truly brave 😂 I could NEVER do what they’re doing. Heck I’m even scared to go in my basement alone lmaoo

Author — Makayla S.


This can't be real. Sam and Dean Winchester cleaned Waverly out. Like, 2-3 years ago.


Author — T Mart


I do believe that I've heard that sound too! About a month after my daughter passed away I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my dog right next to me. There is a brick wall on the right side of my TV that I keep all of the photographs of family and friends; including one of my late daughter. As I sat in a relaxed, (but severely heartbroken) state, there was an inexplicable BANG that emanated from that brick wall.. I've never heard a sound quite like it! Just after the odd bang was heard my dog looked at me then ran like hell out of the room; then my daughter's photo floated off of the wall right down in front of me right on the coffee table! That isn't the only time she used those odd banging sounds to get our attention and announce her presence either, the other story is much more telling, but too long for this type of posting.

Author — Jeff di Giusto


Ghost hunters investigated here years ago. It is a very active place

Author — Jennifer Coleman


I love that this camera guy looks so scared all the time ! Poor guy

Author — Cracked Gaming


my grandma was a patient here 2x.
shes 86 now and gets mad as hell when people say this place is haunted 😂

Author — lauren molohon


"Oh my god, what's this warm liquid running down my pants??! It's a shadow figure!"

Author — Ryan Ragsdale


😦 *"It's too windy out here guys, I've gotta land this. It's getting too crazy.*
😶 Both cameras and microphones display a complete calm outside with not a speck of wind to be seen nor heard... 🙄😑

Author — She Who Knows All


7:22 I saw something peeking out of the window 😱😱😱😱😱

Author — Stacey Mould


I've seen 2 shadow figures in broad daylight! So that's isn't true what Nick said that they can only be seen at night.

Author — Jennifer Nunez



Author — ItzJuzt Vanessa


Is so funny this novela show, I like ghost adventure way more.

Author — Arqui Denis


6:18 that was not a figure. It was the wall behind the door. The back wall of the room.

Author — Gilbert Arechiga


6:43 there's also movement at bottom right.

Dang quarantine had me thoroughly watching investigations like this.

Author — Ross Briones Padre


I like how Nick and Mariana just say “ I’m going to sleep in the middle of the room in the middle of a haunted place”.

Author — Rev Wicks


Remember seeing this when reruns of paranormal lockdown seasons 1 and 2 was being shown. This waverly hills episode was a great episode. I especially loved how they caught shadow figure on thermal imaging drone. Paranormal Lockdown is a great show and cannot wait until season 3 premiers here in USA on August 30!

Author — Andrew Wilks


Think that was a door opening and closing..

Author — me myselfandI