EPIC TRAP TRUCK STRATEGY In Fortnite Battle Royale!

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EPIC TRAP TRUCK STRATEGY In Fortnite Battle Royale! 5

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Both those games were... so SOOOO weird!

Author — Muselk


why does muselk always run into the idiots who cant build or aim and i run into the pros who can hit a 1000 meter headshot.

Author — Keenan Bartlome


Me: Watching a Muselk video and it`s close to
Me: Hmmm... is he going to win?
Video: The standard Muselk music starts playing....
Me: Oh...he

Author — Mr.Android


Roses are Red
Violets are blue
We didn't get clickbaited
Thanks for reading this too

Author — Sarala Joshi



If we’re gonna get the next circle too, I’m probably going to have to become religious.

*gets next circle*

Oh my god

Author — sepresso


*C L A P C L A P* B O N U S M E M E

Author — the trashman


If you drop some ammo next to the gun it will look less suspicious

Author — Taine Dry


9:44, notice how to storm clock went from 8 to 6 seconds, skipping 7

Author — Francis Kostenuik


If that happens to me I will literally uninstall the game

Author — zachatraz


18:23 Every donation helps this poor boi getting a campfire..

Author — Trazed


"we're all out of fire extinguisher!" "GET THE HAIRSPRAY"

Author — Elias Van Drisse


The days when you could see through edits, and hold 10 minis (welcome to 2019)

Author — Christopher Kimsey


“You don’t want me, I’m just a “black guy” with a dinosaur”. — Muselk

Me: 😂🤣😂 that’s racist but really funny lol. Tbh (to be honest) love that line

Author — ASIAN Tuan


you know they’re about to die when the music starts

Author — Olivia Hernandez


"He's going for it, he's gonna get it!!!"
*Insert Ali-A intro theme*

Author — ThrustFrom Behind


Is it just me or when I’m in a top 3 situation I start whispering when the other players can’t hear me

Author — Alexia Andreou


I like how he said “lady’s and Gentlemen “ he knows lady’s watch this too 👏🏽

Author — kath eee


That was the quickest meme pad tower kill ever

Author — The Gaming Hunter


3:57 what about the loot on the hill when you killed the girl who was trying to snip you?

Author — Isabelle Costantini


"When the choice is between a really good gun and a main strategy, you always gotta go with the main strategy."


"But what if the Really good gun is part of the main strategy...?"

-Me 2018

Author — Zebra Seal