10 Positive Intentions for 2020! | LIFESTYLE | Louise Pentland

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10 Positive Intentions for 2020! | LIFESTYLE | Louise Pentland 5
It's so hard to keep New Years Resolutions so I've gone for achievable intentions instead. Mmmm kind of the same haha! Let me know what your goals for 2020 are! ***More info below!***

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Hi, I'm Louise! I started this channel in 2009 after readers of my blog (also called Sprinkle of Glitter) suggested I give YouTube a try. I was instantly hooked and have found my internet playground on here. I make videos about beauty & fashion, positive living, motherhood, lifestyle and occasionally have special guests (friends, kittens or my sweet Daughters Darcy, 8 and Pearl, 1). Hit the subscribe button to never miss a video again!

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Louise xxx

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💬 Comments on the video

Darcy is such a sweet girl, and I can tell she's going to be smart like her mummy. Good luck on your intentions Louise!

Author — Jolynn Grace


Darcy is literally a mini you, she couldn’t be more like you 😫

Author — Phoebe Bennet


Spit in the hair 😂 Such a mum thing. Darcy is the sweetest x

Author — Liza Prideaux


I'm sorry, but everytime you say "that tickles my pickle" I have to laugh. It just sounds so wrong :D

Author — FlyDorsch


Louise! Could you do a video on staying organised//how to use your planner to your advantage? you always seem on top

Author — Ven L


everytime you invite the oldie but goldies in I feel personally welcomed. Been watching since 2012 when I was 10 and never leaving xx

Author — Delta


You’re so sweet with Darcy and Pearl, oh it warms my heart. 💜

Author — Alessandra Hull


Have you tried audiobooks? For things like a train journey it’s a nice way to get some books read passively and you can be doing other things with your hands like crafting.

Author — Dawn Torres


Such a relief to hear someone openly admit that reading is hard.
It was one of the biggest struggles of university for me and I was always so embarrassed how long it took to read a chapter.

Author — Jessica Keiser


One of my goals for 2019 was to get back into reading since I've barely read anything in the past few years (and I used to be a real bookworm 🤓). My plan was to read 12 books, I ended up reading just 8 but I'm still really happy about it because it's still a lot more than I used to and I also feel like I've gotten back into the habit of reading ☺️

Author — May


I’m aiming to read 1 book a month, think that seems achievable, also be kinder and save up for a deposit

Author — Han M


Yaaaay Happy Wednesday to me! And you and you. What a way to start my evening. You look beautiful missus. Big hugs and warm fluffiness to you xx

Author — Shabby ChicK


Good luck Beth!
And to Louise - I'd love to see more videos regarding financial stuff, expanding the business and your different 'irons in the fire' so to speak and also your beading and painted furniture etc :).

Author — VelvetVolcano


I love these intensions Louise! Thank you for sharing. So excited to see what you are up to this decade ;)
I would be really interested in videos about your earings and such and also about the buisness stuff : )

Author — Mond


Darcy We feel for you. My mom did that to me. I am 50 and i had forgot about it. childhood trauma flashback. LOL 11:24

Author — H Simpson


I have a list of things on my phone that i want to achieve this year but like i don’t see it as a list of resolutions just like a to do list but for the year and not the day it feels like less pressure that way

Author — Tori


I love these intensions. Do you think that you could do quarterly check-ins? I think that will help all of us to check in throughout the year and be held more accountable.

Also Darcy's mermaid impression is so good!

Author — Sara G.


What a lovely video, Please show us your beading and painted furniture! I'm excited about intentions I might make a list of intentions too! 😁❤
Also hello to Darcy and pearl 👋😁

Author — Sophie Robinson


*Another great great vlog from Louise to start the year off, and happy happy happy New Year! hope it went well for you and your family and oh my gosh I cannot believe how big pearl and Darcy are getting ! Some beautiful mini grown-ups you have lou. Hope you have a wonderfully new and fresh decade❤️*

Author — Sophie's World


Aww Darcy reminds me so much of my daughter, they’re both the same age!
Happy new year to you and your family Louise x

Author — Becca H