Live: How do Chinese people thrive in the face of difficulties? 中国人的艰苦奋斗精神是怎样炼成的

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Live: How do Chinese people thrive in the face of difficulties? 中国人的艰苦奋斗精神是怎样炼成的 4.5

Chinese people have proven that they thrive in the face of hardships, whether geographical or otherwise. In central China's Henan Province, villagers conquered Mother Nature to dig the Red Flag Canal, a 1,500-km canal running between the steep crags of Taihang Mountains. The ingenuity of locals in the country's southwest also led them to build a 7.3-km road along dangerous cliffs. And from obstacles in the mountains to barriers in water, China's swimming team has built a reputation for itself on the global stage, despite starting from scratch. CGTN shows you how Chinese people take on challenges head on. #PanoramicChina #70YearsThriving

CGTN's special program "New China" gives you an in-depth look at China 70 years on. Our crew is on a 12-day journey around China's southwestern, southeastern and northeastern regions. Don't miss it.

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They did not wait for govt handouts
They determine their own destiny

Author — 6packter


Belief, unity and hope, winning combination allowing one to keep going, progress.

Author — Lucie Salat


For those who died whilst building the Canal, may their souls rest in peace!!! Very proud of all these hard working chinese citizens! May GOD continue to bless n protect them!!!! MAY this beautiful village attracts more tourists!!!

Author — Frances Christine


They have a good working mentality, both physically and/or mentally capable

Author — Nightcor EDM


That villagers from early footage are amazing. Never see in the modern world have such motivation. If Africa, S.America, and S.Asia doing same, prosperity for sure to come.

Author — J L


The cultures and traditions of China have been shaped and guided by teachings of Buddha, Confucius, Lao Tzu and many sages during ancient times, Chinese literature and civilisation has been evolving for thousands of years, shaped by natural disasters, turmoils, tyranny, raging warlords and Dynasty, but patriotism is their main forces to do well, no country, means, no family and no self.

Author — Francis Lim


By stealing and making counterfeits of other people’s ideas. Yep that striving all right

Author — Texas Gator