Tear gas at Kashmir rally India denies happened - BBC News

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Tear gas at Kashmir rally India denies happened - BBC News 2
Thousands of people took to the streets in Srinagar after Friday prayers, in the largest demonstration since a lockdown was imposed in Indian-administered Kashmir.

The BBC witnessed the police opening fire and using tear gas to disperse the crowd. Despite that, the Indian government has said the protest never took place.

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You colonialist caused so much suffering in India, this is your mess. Still trying to stop India from developing and continuing to meddle with the region's politics with skewed coverage.

Author — Crime Gogo


भाई, अब तू कुछ भी कर ले, कश्मीर प्यारी है तो इंडिया में रह अगर इस्लाम प्यारी है तो पाकिस्तान चले जा।
क्यू की ये देश सबका है, इसको सीरिया नहीं बनने देंगे

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BBC seems to have all the prime angles and even seat at the separatist radical's podium. BBC Hindi who runs you?

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Nothing happened in Kashmir on August 10, 2019.

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Thanks BBC Voice of Innocent Kashmiri 😥❤️✌️

Author — Ahad Zaman


तुम फेंकते रहे गए "" पत्थार ""
हमने हटादी "" तीन सौ सत्तर ""
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