$20 Bandsaw: Good Deal or Garbage?

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

***Reupload due to some brightness issues

Here is a great Bandsaw setup video with Alex Snodgrass and the Wood Whisperer:

I got this bandsaw from Facebook marketplace for $20. Can I tune it up enough to be a good tool for the shop? Let's find out!

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I have the exact same saw but mine is a 10". The blade tension is: once the spring make contact go another Three Turns, I usually go 3 1/2 turns on mine, I can't believe how much I use this over my larger saws, if the piece will fit I go to this saw first and I love it.

Author — Jack Hutchins


I just found one in the alley almost brand knew just like yours and I love it. For sure it's a keeper but it's missing the measurement piece.

Author — Roberto Moreno


Very informative, I just bought a used one. Thank you!

Author — Mike Bibby


Loved every step, so helpful. Thanks.

Author — Chris Helbling


Thank you for this video. Very helpful and informative. I have the 9” Delta 28-150. Trying to get it into workable condition. My blade shifted to the right and when I tried to lock it down the white plastic collar piece inside the guide broke in half on my machine when I took it apart to inspect it. Any ideas where I can buy this part from? In not I guess I’ll try to epoxy it.

Author — James


I have the same model I bought some 18 years ago, had it stored and completely forgotten about it. Now I am restoring the the tires for the wheels but need to replace the drive belt. Can you share links on how to do that? I appreciate it and thank you!

Author — marcB


Thanks for the information, I've just bought a used one without a blade.

Author — Ravo


Great video, I have the same saw and I cant stop it from vibrating. Any suggestions? Thanks

Author — Carl Bloch


I've only just seen this. Is there a lower blade guide and bearing below the table? There is on mine.

Author — Bob Bailey


Good deal.
I don’t need to watch.

Tiny bandsaws do some fantastic things for little things- architecturally cut wood shingles, small aluminum brackets or parts, kerfing turned spindles for blind wedges; I could go on a long time. My tiny one is a harvor fright that cost me $59 over twenty years ago. It needs new tires and I need some new fine blades. Won’t replace a ‘real’ bandsaw but it’s stinkin’ handy portable and tiny footprint.

Author — fishhuntadventure


jesus christ how many tools do you need ?!?😂👊🏻

Author — Travis Williams