9 MOST PROFITABLE Business Ideas For 2020

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9 MOST PROFITABLE Business Ideas For 2020 5
In this video, I will share 9 profitable business ideas for 2020. Some of the ideas presented in this video can be started with little to no money. Other businesses, however, may require some startup capital. It’s my hope that you can build off of the ideas in this video to launch a business that propels you to a financially independent life.

Statistics vary, but many can agree that the majority of Americans are not currently satisfied with their job at the moment. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best option is to plant one today. If you want to make money, consider starting one of these businesses today.

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I am not a financial advisor. The ideas presented in this video are personal opinions and for entertainment purposes only. You (and only you) are responsible for the financial decisions that you make.

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Lol, I just love how people in their 40's are "old"! 😂 Seriously though, when I was 37 I worked with a group of younger people, 23-28, and while they were all over Instagram and Snapchat, they didn't actually know *Windows*. The things I had to explain to them about basic computer use (let alone any specific software) were pretty unbelievable sometimes - in fact, for ME it was more like explaining computers to my parents, rather than to someone of my generation where I take computer literacy for granted.

Author — Jules Élan


So many great ideas! So many with little start up costs its crazy how not everyone has the mindset to do something about it! Keep it up 🙏🙏

Author — Dad Makes Dough - Make Money Online


Finally some fresh ideas. Enough with the obvious stuff. Thanks Nate!

Author — djsevkic


I like him, he is so smart . I want to minimalistic and think only about my life not the things I have . Every time I watch him I forget to like it ☹️

Author — Kunduzkan Sagynova


bro you are sleeping on the sneakers market🤐😴📈

Author — Newsiigner ZoneTwo


Just commenting to say thank you! Good content as always :) aways look forward to your videos

Author — KirakiraProduction


"Find inefficiencies" Exactly. Hell, how about some kind of AI that finds those inefficiencies without any human creativity needed?

Author — saganist


I'm am going to sell beets from my own farm.

Author — Mavrick


Point #3 is the best for me!
Is one of the services that I offer to my clients

Author — Nicola - Business Tips For Success


Good video Nate. I have a quick question, i'm starting to work on my 2020 goals now. One being starting a side hustle (I work around 60 hrs weekly atm.) Which is more wise to grow slowly and time efficiently; youtube channel, blog, or local sales company. I make good money now just looking for something that I can capitalize on when I free up some time.

Anyone else have any advice I'd love to hear it. Seems like this is a real solid community.

Ps. I enjoy writting, recording, and sales. They are all pretty even on which i'd enjoy most. Just need a focus point.

Author — Eugene Trotter


lovely stuff. how about avios points consultant 😂

Author — Residual Royalty Academy


I admire you a lot, young but with great ideas and willing to act! You inspire me to take action, thanks :)

Author — Alberto Lamandini


Cool ideas, most of them. I also really like your point about the need to put in a relevant amount of (possibly hard) work if one wants to earn more money.

Author — Perfect Rumble


Thank you for sharing this Informations, you are awesome

Author — Frank the Tank


keep it, strong man, I like your contain and advices.

Author — Movstudio


This is an amazing video, very refreshing! Thanks for sparking some creativity in me!

Author — Erica Sahrae


Motivation from ryhn the entrepreneur 😂👍

Author — GogoTech


4:45 also when flying drones, stay away from any airports!!

Author — Homebase LHR


Love the caution you give for charging scooters. Drone pilot is a great idea as well. great video again!

Author — Rand Corp


Hey man I love how practical and clear your content is and I'm sure everyone else does too so please keep it up. Also keep shouting out Oklahoma!

Author — Harrison Hightower