How Avengers Infinity War Should Have Ended - Animated Parody

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How Avengers Infinity War Should Have Ended - Animated Parody 5

How Infinity War Should Have Ended
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💬 Comments on the video

Hot damn there was a lot going on here. Great job to the whole HISHE team! Thanks for letting me be Winter Soldier again

Author — The Jovenshire


every marvel hishe ever

Author — Turtled


Everyone: The world is safe from the pandemic.

HISHE: *How 2020 should have ended*

Author — Kautham Sivabalan


"THERE is Gamora"
underrated joke 👏👏👏

Author — idekchris


“I literally just became the king of wakanda”😭😭😭

Author — Sizwe Letanta


Plot twist: drax was not snapped

He was invisible that whole time

Author — SN VLOGS


I won’t lie, nebula killing thanos in the movie would have been badass too

Author — KPalz Rhein


No one:
Bucky: *Remember when i killed tony's dad?*
Literally everyone: *Laughs*

Author — Sooner GT


At 1:40 you can see thanos falling in the back

Author — Aiden Austin2008


I remember contemplating how many different ways that Doctor Strange (along with his friends) could have beaten Thanos...or at least solved many conflicts in the film.

Author — TrueUnderDawgGaming


Just as Thanos is about to make the 'click'

"Hey Thanos.. Instead of killing 50-% of life, why not double the amount of resources available?"

"That's a good idea.. In fact I'll quadruple them... Thanks."

Author — Erekose2023


I like how Loki was the only villain that didn’t get dusted

Edit: 10:24 here since a lot of you may ask where he was

Author — ruby ling


Everyone’s always like, “Iron Man’s the best! He saved the universe!” Yes, well, Strange saved him, so...DR. STRANGE SAVED THE UNIVERSE! AGAIN!

Author — Sarah Wilkerson


5:37 “I literally just became the King of Wakanda.” 😢

Author — Captain Britten


That really sounded like Taika Waititi himself voicing Korg.

Author — Strong Medicine


Top 3 Hishe Characters

1. Batman
2. Here’s a Bright Idea
3. Palpatine

Author — Dorji Wang


Absolutely Nobody:
Baby Thanos:
Rhodes: time to kill

Author — Spino Raptor


Doctor Strange: *goes into the future and sees the possible outcomes for 2019, 2021, 2022 and so on*

Me: What happens in 2020?

Doctor Strange: I shall not talk about 2020.

Author — Spideyy Playz


"But thank to us--but mostly me--we won!"

Literally Thor in a nutshell.

Author — Lavender Rose


Starlord: Hey! My girlfriend died for you precious gauntlet!
Me: Half the universe died because of you.

Author — KC Laja