George H.W. Bush 'gave us unconditional love,' George W. Bush says

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George H.W. Bush 'gave us unconditional love,' George W. Bush says 4.5
In a rare set of interviews, three former presidents spoke about the life and legacy of President George H.W. Bush. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush shared their unique perspectives on Sunday night's "60 Minutes." In an excerpt you didn't see on "60 Minutes," George W. Bush spoke about the personal side of the 41st president.

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George is so teary eyed. He lost both his parents, with whom he spent 72 years of his life with in the same year. May both of them R. I. P.

Author — Bill S


So much negativity in the comments. The guy just died, have some decency even if you disagreed with him.

Author — McBobtheruggaman


May God Rest Them Both. George H.W. & Barbara Bush.😔😞
Thanks for your services, and I will be sure to eat my broccoli.😐

Author — Jason Harris


Everyone on there high horse judging the president, the Republican, the rich man, etc. You forgot this man was a human being? You forgot this man was an american? You forgot this man cared for this country? Sounds like anyone of us. Yeah, he didnt make the best decisions, or was the best president. But he tried SOMETHING. We dont know whats best for everyone, but we gotta try something. I rather look in the mirror and judge that person 1st before i judge anyone else. That being said, excuse my rant. RIP former president George H.W. Bush.

Author — Jerry Esque


It was my Honor and Privilege to have served under his Presidency 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Retired 1st Sergeant US ARMY 1980 - 2003

Author — NC State


I never knew Bush Jr was this funny, and he seemed relaxed in the interview as well. Wow!

Author — Owen Boreland


George W Bush, former war hero of World War 2, one of America's greatest generations, and former Head America's secret services, and 41th president of the United States of America.

Author — books from Windblown


Politics aside....what a wonderful loving family. Very lucky to have unconditional love. God Bless George and Barbara Bush. RIP

Author — Rosann Supino


James Polk was the greatest one term president. George H. W. Bush was second.

Author — Mr. YeP


(90's Interview) George H. W. Bush (1995) (Life Advice)

Rest In Peace

Author — bbomb89


New World order and bones ....Satan clan

Author — Mike Callies


Mr.President of U.S.A
we will miss you, thank you what you did for my country Poland

Author — Artur szymała


Even then politics had some degree of respectability. Now there's a lack of compromise, polarisation, identity politics on both the right and left wing fringes.

Say what you want about the man, but he's nothing like the demagogues we have today.

Author — Rob Smith


“You know Putin was kinda one of these macho dudes...” Classic G Dub, lol

Author — Billy Lykken


The death of George H. W. Bush was a tragedy, but an even bigger tragedy was that he didn't get a second term.
Take care and God loves you.

Author — Jason Irelan


I want George Bush back as president! I know it's odd to say but Bush is 100x Better than Trump 🤣

Author — Kyle Bergman


As a foreigner i consider him as a hero the man who liberates kuwait from the butcher of baghdad

Author — Zeke Jeager


Bush1&2 killed our solders and innocent Iraqi too many. You know it. Then, you honor him?

Author — FalconNewsreel


Why can't Trump take Putin for a boat ride???
Just wondering

Author — Valdo Franc


Chips of the old block, there was a lot of unconditional required, being as evil and sick as they are/were! Even Satan loves his own!

Author — Angela Nicholson