George H.W. Bush 'gave us unconditional love,' George W. Bush says

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George H.W. Bush 'gave us unconditional love,' George W. Bush says 4.5
In a rare set of interviews, three former presidents spoke about the life and legacy of President George H.W. Bush. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush shared their unique perspectives on Sunday night's "60 Minutes." In an excerpt you didn't see on "60 Minutes," George W. Bush spoke about the personal side of the 41st president.

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George is so teary eyed. He lost both his parents, with whom he spent 72 years of his life with in the same year. May both of them R. I. P.

Автор — William S.


It was my Honor and Privilege to have served under his Presidency 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Retired 1st Sergeant US ARMY 1980 - 2003

Автор — NC State


So much negativity in the comments. The guy just died, have some decency even if you disagreed with him.

Автор — McBobtheruggaman


Everyone on there high horse judging the president, the Republican, the rich man, etc. You forgot this man was a human being? You forgot this man was an american? You forgot this man cared for this country? Sounds like anyone of us. Yeah, he didnt make the best decisions, or was the best president. But he tried SOMETHING. We dont know whats best for everyone, but we gotta try something. I rather look in the mirror and judge that person 1st before i judge anyone else. That being said, excuse my rant. RIP former president George H.W. Bush.

Автор — Jerry Esque


May God Rest Them Both. George H.W. & Barbara Bush.😔😞
Thanks for your services, and I will be sure to eat my broccoli.😐

Автор — Jason Harris


Losing both parents 7 months apart is heartbreaking. My condolences. God bless them both.

Автор — Jared Q


"If American people find out what we have done. they would chase us down the street and lynch us" George H. W. Bush.

Автор — Annihilate3275


"Ultimately we're Americans First" !!! Beautiful Words from President Obama !!!

Автор — Maverick


I never knew Bush Jr was this funny, and he seemed relaxed in the interview as well. Wow!

Автор — kay mitck


How is it that blundering criminal W escaped prison after lying us into 2 losing wars and killing thousands of our

Автор — Bruce Allen


The man is dead, but his evil legacy lives on.

Автор — Moska lks


I did vote for both bushes didn't want democrats in whitehouse have always voted Repuplican starting 1972

Автор — Hilde Platz


Hot damn Uncle Bill is old. I guess living with Hilary would do that to anyone.

Автор — Joeker


everytime I hear Barry talk I throw up in my mouth

Автор — Ike Swp


George W Bush, former war hero of World War 2, one of America's greatest generations, and former Head America's secret services, and 41th president of the United States of America.

Автор — soyon manlai


Mr.President of U.S.A
we will miss you, thank you what you did for my country Poland

Автор — Artur szymała


Remember democrats hated the bushes for so long until they stated they dislike Trump? Gotta love the MSM and their fake feelings.

Автор — PepsiCo Cal


Why is Carter absent from the funeral events?

Автор — Ice Blue


Obama couldn't miss the chance to disparage pres Trump...what a low life

Автор — Jacy Borreaux


I was’nt born in this country, but when i heard and saw mr.Bush(father) i kinda like him. I feel that his really a good man.and the same with his son(43).

Автор — Ron Marquez