VW Polo V 1.4 TDI (2017) - POV on german Autobahn - Top Speed Drive

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VW Polo V (6C) 1.4 TDI with manual transmission

Engine: 1.4 liter 3 cylinder Turbo Diesel
Power: 66 KW/90 hp
Torque: 230 NM
Weight: 1151 KG
Top Speed: 196 km/h
Model: 2017
Fuel consumption: 4.5 liter/100km

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My girlfriend has the Bluemotion 75ps 1.4tdi, 82 gram co2 version of this car. We also remapped the engine and unblocked all the eco filters, 75hp became about 105hp with 180lbs of torque. It has special low drag bodywork and wheels. We have reached over 200 kph downhill and about 190 on a flat road. Fuel consumption is very low with the filters unblocked and the remap installed, under 2.5 litre per 100km or over 100 mpg if you cruise 90 to 110 kph is possible. Even above 130 kph we still get over 70 mpg, its amazing. 0 to 100kph used to take about 12 secs, now its 9 secs. Not as fast as a hot hatch but the in gear acceleration is much improved. The standard car has long gear ratios, with 75hp it was very slow, especially uphill. But now its so much better with 105 hp especially at the top end, 3000 to 4000rpm is so much better now the engine can breath freely.

Author — Derek B


Wenn man ehrlich ist: Mehr braucht man nicht! Wenn man bedenkt, was dieser kleine Motor in dieser Getriebekombination bei dem Grundgewicht leistet: Chapeau!

Author — My Name


Those overdrive gears are amazing, my 2001 1.9 sdi ibiza i have to go 80 or 90 kmh to do 4 liters. at higher speeds rpm get too high.

Author — Francisco


Impressive to be able to do these speeds with a small diesel!
What about fuel consumption in different speeds on Autobahn in this car?

Author — Tommy S


At this video your maximum speed wasn't 196 km/h but 197 km/h.

Author — Γεώργιος Τζίβας


Ich wüsste mal gerne, wer dieses Video disliked! Es gibt wirklich Irre! Was um alles in der Welt ist an diesem Video nicht gelungen? Man kommt aus dem Kopfschütteln nicht mehr raus. Ein Witz! Für mich ein Topvideo!

Author — My Name


i was able to drive 195 Kmh. But it was a little bit Downhill.

Author — Berkant Göktan


Love your channel, i subscribe

I'll watch all your top speed autobahn videos
Just missed a dragy to measure 100-200 and real vmax

Author — E M


Find echt bemerkenswert, wie die 3 Zylinder abgehen. Die fühlen sich spritziger als die 4 Zylinder an.

Author — Toby Gs


Tk u for share, i'm from Brazil and here is prohibited small cars with diesel engine, Very Cool watch this vídeo! A dream in Brazil.

Author — Rodrigo Batista


I saw a lada (based on fiat 124) at 6.09! It was a nice suprise from german autobahn in 2017 😊



Also, der steckt die 160km/h ja echt leicht weg, wenn ich überlege wie mein 9n (1.2l, 54PS allerdings) da schon rumkrebst xD

Author — Fräulein Winter


I have the 1.2 tsi !!! This engine with the car is a beast!! trust I don't know though about tdi, I mean if you think that is fast guess about tsi ;)

Author — invinsible61


Don’t forget that VAG speedos are not the most accurate ones, real top speed should be around 10km/h less. Every car can be fast if you’re driving downhill on an autobahn like this one. Still, nice for an small diesel urban car.

Author — Juan Domingo Martin


Eu com o meu 1.4 tdi 90cv 2015 ja dei 216 kmh

Author — Tiago Magalhaes


Corsa E with 1.3 CDTI 95 HP is faster 😅

Author — Schrauber König


Velocidad en bajada. Velocidad en llano de GPS 180km/h

Author — Sergio Enríquez


Könntest du vielleicht auch mal einen Peugeot 208 fahren? Am besten mit dem 1.2 PureTech-Motor mit 82 PS. :-)

Author — Schleimritter


Mazda 3 or Bmw 1 series? Which car is more fun to drive?

Author — Ahmet Demiray


KIA RIO 1.5 Crdi disel test with 113Hp it‘s Racket

Author — Nazif Bahtiri