Every Villain Death in the MCU (2008-2019)

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Every Villain Death in the MCU (2008-2019) 5

Not included in this video are:
- Deaths of tertiary and minor characters. Especially the unnamed villains
- Kaecilus who just turned into a Mindless One and technically didn't die.
- Loki's "death" in the first Thor film because Loki wasn't trying to fool anyone when he jumped into that abyss. There was no deception involved in it hence, no fakeout.

Edited by Charles Villanueva

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R.I.P Thanos. He died as he lived - sitting.

Author — Moonlox


I fought my sister's army, saved Asguard, saved Thor and went up against Thanos. What do I have to do to stop being classified as a villain?

Author — Loki Odinson


Thanos : I died 2 times
Vision: same here
Loki : I died 3 times
Dr . Strange : I died countless times
Nebula: Oh please, I killed myself and did not die

So many likes


Author — Pooja Menon Roy


Let’s be honest, we all didn’t want Loki to die.

Author — Turtle Yeo


"Fakeouts included"
*Immediately thinks of Loki*

Author — L O L


It all started with a bald villian killed by tony

And it ended with a bald villian killed by tony

Author — yandell gamer 240


Yellow jacket actually died pretty painfully when you think about it

Author — Ellis Kh


The way Ego’s face and hair just folded in on itself is both satisfying and cringey

Author — Gabe Ienciu


Thanos : died 2 times
Loki : I died 3 times
Dr. Strange : hold my bargain

Author — Gaming With Blue


You included hero's death also

You all know about whom I talking about

Author — Jyothi Uday


Still waiting for Tony to wake up in the cave in Afghanistan realizing he’s been in a coma the entire time

Author — Ash Cat


Marvel Fans: We almost died when we saw Iron Man die.
Iron Man: I died once.
Vision: I died twice.
Doctor Strange: Those people will never learn how to die.

Author — Lam Nguyen


Ego would be that kid who says, "I turned to dust before it was cool!"

Author — Ben Vogelpohl


To be honest Wanda killed ultron all by herself and could’ve killed Thanos if he wouldn’t of called for help

Author — Netflix Is my life


Thanos and his, ,children": we died twice
Loki: I died 3 times
Doctor Strange: Amateurs.

Author — Andor Mák


Fans: how many times you want Loki to die?
MCU: yes.

Author — Ivan Karpinskyj


One Thanos sat victorious, the other sat defeated.

Author — KaiZen Cyrus


When Thanos died fr, it hit different ngl.

Author — 8309END


I think Loki's death in Infinity War shouldn't be count as one, he died as a hero.

Author — Fred Kulolo


Yellow Jackets scream and contortion death always freaks me out.

Author — Alex McCardy