Biggest Container Ships In Storm! Huge Rogue Waves

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Biggest Container Ships In Storm! Huge Rogue Waves 4.5
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1:04 Nothing helps like a good old salt water bath for the exposed tractors on the top level. Makes for a good test on that new factory paint job.

Author — Jeff W


Sailing in this kind of rough seas is required special heart. Respect for those who choose this kind of dangerous job and Thanks for upload the videos to show this hell.

Author — Modon Pura


If I had to go, I wouldn't mind going that way. "I came from water, and to water I shall return."

Author — Infinit 0


OK.. when I hear hardened seafarers going "aw that was nice bro.. that was nic..." "Oh SHIT!" I believe it!

Author — sgdeluxedoc


First mate: I bet you can't get this ship airborne.

Captain: Hold my beer.

Author — Snow Monkey


I can only imagine what it would be ;like to be on a smaller ship, like A Viking ship! Or maybe a Windjammer, that was built for high winds and rough seas! Imagine putting up or taking down sails in this!! In the WINTER!!

Author — nightlightabcd


2:55 at this time the captain should turn against the waves as it seem to have a lot of weight upstairs.

Author — NorwegianOne


Great internet content! It looks very professional! Maintain the helpful job!

Author — Mark Jenkins


i hope my water resistant iphone is safe in one of those

Author — ostreds


2:32 oh they're sinking! Wait, nevermind.

Author — HDK


I have my Ferrari in one of those containers. I hope it comes out alright

Author — Hape Sethathi


Aye yo Cousin Vinny from Brooklyn got the job on the ship very first clip.. we all thought he was fulla shit.

Author — Matthew McGrath


وهي تجري بهم في موج كالجبال
صدق الله العظيم

Author — ily ass


Eyvah eyvah eyvah, karıştı buralar. Umarım sorun yoktur abimizde

Author — yusuf deneme


0 rouge waves in the 10 video clips every clip showed wind driven waves. You might want to do some research on what a rogue wave is.

Author — DeWayne Ward


I can tell this video was recorded by pirates that took the ship!

Author — Matthew Thomas


I can only imagine the sounds a ship makes in a storm like that, creaks and groans, clangs, and bangs.

Author — roy hoco


Есть три категории людей:живые, мёртвые и те, кто ушёл в море

Author — Sergey Sergeevich




Author — にゃんにゃんねこ