How To Download and Install After effect Plugin Saber For CC 2017 (UPDATE)

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

Create High quality energy & lights beams
Realistic Glow falloff
Advanced Core Settings
Built-in Distortion
25 Presets
Dynamic Text and Mask Outlines
Stackable FX

Music Credit : NCS: Music without limitations. | artists: @theshipwrek, @zookeepersdk & @trauzers


Software used : NVIDIA Shadowplay
After Effects
Premier Pro

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For those of you who the 17.0 or 16.0 versions etc. arent coming up on the Saber Installer, click on Custom Files > Plugin Path > (go to where your after effects is installed) > Support Files > Plugins. And just save it there, when you next open up ae, it should work!

Author — hqbitless


When it asks which version I want to install on it didn't have the ae as an option just custom but I have ae downloaded. Plz help

Author — Brandon Puls


can i select how long it takes since the light is on the top of the letter

Author — Domi


pixa what app did u use to open the affects??

Author — yuh no on


for whoever have a cracked ae, in the installer need to press castomize and choose the plugin folder mainualy (sorry for my bad english)

Author — KipodZ


Nice, and i still leanerd how to use, thanksss :DD

Author — HelberttEinstein


did the same but plugin isn't installed

Author — Rimita Dwivedi


thank you so much bro my problem is solve

Author — Rizwan Khan


After Effects - 2 Min

Photo Shop - 2 Hours

Author — Myxi


I get the error "the installation log has been written to Red Giant log directory in Program data" HOW DO I FIX THAt?

Author — blodina breen


may i know if this is the latest saber plug in for after effects cc 2018?

Author — JustGoneGaming


Hey buddy is it available for 32bit too??

Author — Dibyajyoti Parida


i search and click where u clicked to get the saber effect but nothing comes up ?? any idea why is it bc im using cracked version? or bc im using cs6?

Author — Tokyo Ghoul


I can't open the installer. When I clicked it, "C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe" windows opened. Why this is happened?

Author — Spicyz WHaris


bro me ihave portable version of AE please any solution ??

Author — Abdou Hm


this is the 2016 one not the 2017 After effects dude

Author — OLEE


I need help here i am using creative cloud is it the same thing

Author — Lightning Amvs